Modulating Meta Force It happened while 18 years have passed since the beginning of the activity of this giant of social networks. Meta has stated the reason for this is over-employment during the Corona epidemic.

In the past week, meta 11 thousand people fired from the workforce. This is the biggest act Modulating Meta Force It is considered that this company has been unprecedented in its 18 years of activity. Zuckerberg, who is also competing with Musk in retrenchment, called this action smarter than Twitter’s retrenchment during a meeting held to justify employees and answer their questions.

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How was meta power adjusted?!

Zuckerberg, the owner of one of the largest social networks, claims that he fired his employees Smarter than Elon Musk has acted He wrote a note with his signature to each 11 thousand people who was going to fire them and took responsibility for the arbitrary recruitment during the corona era. Meanwhile, Twitter announced the decision to fire 3,700 employees through an email that did not even have Musk’s signature at the end of it.

Modulating Meta Force

Zuckerberg believes that different methods for Implement retrenchment It exists and each person acts in his own way. The CEO of Meta considers this action by Elon Musk as not having enough time to plan and make decisions, saying that Elon recently became the owner of Twitter and did not have time to do this.

According to Zuckerberg, unthinking force moderation will bring chaos. But despite the decision already made on the adjustment of the meta force, many questions may still remain unanswered. This was said by the CEO of Meta, quoting one of the participants who requested his identity to be kept secret.

In the continuation of the meeting, Zuckerberg said in response to the question whether more employees may be laid off, that currently the company has no plans to lay off employees in the coming weeks, but he cannot make a 100 percent promise.

Meta, as one of the media giants, is not alone in this and companies such as Snap, Lyft, Stripe and OpenDoor have also begun to lay off their employees.

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