According to the news published a few hours ago, Zar Industrial Group has received a car production license and now Zar Khodro will be the third pole of Iran’s automobile industry.

The latest news indicates that a new car manufacturer has also obtained a license to establish a car factory in Iran. Mehdi Amini, the executive director of Zar Group, explained in a press conference with the media that until now, Zar Khodro Group has taken over a building in Sheikh Bahai for administrative purposes.

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Zarkhodro is the third pole of Iran’s automobile industry

According to Mr. Amini, a land of 440 hectares has also been purchased in Alborz province for the establishment of a factory, which needs to be changed. He added:

Zarakhdro has obtained the establishment license to manufacture one million units of different types of cars, from economy cars to passenger and cargo cars.

Zarkhodro, the third hub of Iran's automobile industry; when will the new rival of Iran Khodro and Saipa start working?

Amini further said that negotiations have been conducted with several brands and when these negotiations are concluded, the results will be announced. Amini further announced the insertion of the Zarnam symbol and added:

The goal of the stock exchange company with the initial offering is to motivate the market, for this reason, the initial offerings are usually offered at a lower price than the real value, this also applies to Zarnam.

Of course, about how many percent of the company’s shares are going to be offered on the stock market, he said that nothing is clear yet, but the ceiling set for this issue, i.e. 25%, will be observed. One of the managers of Zar Industrial Group gave an explanation about the new car production and said that there is going to be a revolution in the Iranian automobile industry and completely different cars will enter the market. Different cars than those produced in the last 40 years. Another promise made by this group is the production of high-quality and economical cars.

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