Xiaomi smart blanket Officially introduced with MIJIA smart plumbing and temperature controlled. This energy-efficient blanket can provide warmth on winter nights.

Xiaomi plumbing blanket Be smart MIJIA It is supplied with controlled temperature. This product uses A/B partition water tank, automatic heating and piping to achieve different temperatures. The Xiaomi smart blanket with its plumbing also supports intelligent circulation of water heating and automatic temperature adjustment.

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Specifications of the Xiaomi smart blanket

MIJIA smart piped blanket With controlled temperature, it uses up to 12 layers of safety protection and low noise performance below 22 dB, and MIJIA’s exclusive program provides better performance for the device. With this app, you can remotely control the smart piped blanket. The good layering structure of this gadget has made its hoses close well and the risk of leakage is minimized. This blanket is designed to significantly reduce heat loss and increase the period of heat retention when using the blanket.

Xiaomi smart blanket

Xiaomi MIJIA smart blanket With a controlled temperature, there is no need to fill the water tank regularly. Xiaomi says a full tank can provide heat all winter long. This blanket is also energy efficient with an average daily electricity consumption of 0.7 kWh. The temperature control range is between 25 and 55 degrees Celsius. The energy is supplied by a brushless DC variable frequency motor, and its operation does not disturb your sleep.

Some of the safety features available in New MIJIA blanket They include: protection through isolation of water and electricity, protection against burns, preventing the circuit board from flaming and automatic shutdown after 15 hours of work, etc. Using the MIJIA app, you can adjust the blanket’s function, customize the schedule, and do other tasks remotely.

Xiaomi launched a crowdfunding campaign for MIJIA smart blanket It has launched with its specified features. The original price of the gadget is 899 yuan ($124), but the crowdfunding price is 699 yuan ($96). Therefore, by participating in this Xiaomi plan, you can get this smart blanket at a lower price.

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