Can overtaking Xbox sales of PlayStation in Japan be considered a wake-up call for Sony? Why has Microsoft been more successful in selling its console?

Once again, Microsoft’s ninth-generation consoles, the Xbox S-Series and X, managed to outsell the PlayStation 5 in Japan.

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Overtaking Xbox sales from PlayStation in Japan

According to Famitsu, both new Microsoft consoles had far more sales than the PlayStation 5 in the past week. The Sony console sold a total of 3,035 units across Japan this week, while the Xbox X Series sold 3,272 units and the S Series 3423 units during the same period.

The disc-based version of the PlayStation 5 also managed to sell a total of 2371 units across Japan last week, and only 664 units of the digital version console sold, which is not a very interesting statistic.

Overtaking Xbox sales from PlayStation in Japan

This, of course, is not the first time that sales of the new generation Xbox consoles have surpassed the PlayStation 5 in a week. A similar report was posted last month, showing that Xbox S-Series consoles sold more in Japan than the PlayStation 5. At that time, a total of 6,120 units of the Xbox S-Series console were sold, while the Sony representative sold only 2,963 units.

More interestingly, the situation in Europe is also in Microsoft’s favor, with sales of the Xbox X-Series and Xbox S-Series exceeding the PlayStation 5 during February. However, it should not be forgotten that the limitations and barriers that have been created in the Sony console supply chain نیست are not ineffective in this low statistic.

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