Avoid the fear of failure and try to take the first step so that the next steps will be easier for you and you will get closer to your goal.

Dry apple skin

Industrial samples Dry apple skin In terms of appearance, they have a better and better quality appearance because their production process is done with a machine, but the dried apple peel that is available in the home market of these products usually has a darker color and is organic. And these products are healthy.

Worse than failing at something is not starting it

Selling red apples

To Selling red apples There are important points that every merchant should know, the first point is to comply with the standard and complete all legal procedures, in addition to this, from the order stage to the settlement and loading of the cargo and the sending and receiving of apples in the country of origin and destination, all these must proceed according to the law of the country of Iraq. Oman, UAE and Russia offer to buy apples to Iran every year.

Worse than failing at something is not starting it

Red apple jam

From the past until today, apples have been used to prepare many snacks, one of them Red apple jam and most people ask how can we make lavash with red apples? The first step is to boil the apples. When the apples are completely crushed, spread them on the bottom of the tray and put them under the sun to dry.

Worse than failing at something is not starting it


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