After the filtering of social networks that was applied following the recent events in the country, the most damage was done to businesses that were based on foreign platforms such as Instagram. According to the statistics obtained from the Beta Research Center, a large number of Women victims of Instagram filtering and they have almost lost their business.

In the past month, we have witnessed strange events, including protests against the livelihood and economic situation and the aftermath Blocking and filtering platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype and LinkedIn we were. This is despite the fact that this filtering was done without considering the conditions of businesses that operated based on foreign social networks.

Filtering that the authorities have not given a clear answer to the people about its solution and insistently Demanding that people use internal platforms are. Internal platforms that do not have the ability to support even the smallest amount of users and are not programmed for such functions.

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Women victims of Instagram filtering

Beta Research Center reported that more than 2 million Iranian businesses operate on Instagram, and only 19% of them have face-to-face sales. This means that most of these businesses earn money only through online sales. Now why more percentage? From women victims of Instagram filtering They are, because 64% of this online business community is made up of women, whose rights have been violated in the last month and a big blow has been inflicted on the business that they have worked hard for for years.

Women victims of Instagram filtering

Beta Research Center statistics which operates in the field of data mining, is very close to the statistics reported by the National Center of Cyberspace. In August of this year, Firouzabadi, the head of this center, announced that 2.4 million trade unions are active on Instagram. Most of these businesses are home-based, local and informal, and only 19% of them have shops and stores. According to these statistics, 1.6 million businesses have suffered huge losses after filtering, and no one is responsible for them and they are not supported.

Earlier on October 6, the Minister of Communications said regarding internet businesses that the owners of these businesses should not start their businesses in an environment that does not adhere to the laws of the Islamic Republic.

According to the same reports, 64% of the owners of these businesses are women, and 71% of the goods that are bought and sold in this platform are produced in Iran, and 10% include handicrafts and local products, which the same statistics show a higher percentage. From women victims of Instagram filtering have became.

It should be noted that the products that are sold on this social network are mostly bags, shoes and clothes, and cosmetics and health products and services are in the next place.

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