iPhone SE4 is likely to come with an old screen. This affordable phone made by Apple may enter global markets in 2024.

iPhone SE4 Apple’s affordable will hit stores in 2024. Currently, there is no official confirmation about the screen size of this phone. However, Ross Young said yesterday that Apple is considering the screen size and screen material of the upcoming iPhone SE model.

Two types of screens 6.1-inch screen and 5.7-inch LCD screen are considered for this phone series. Of course, this does not mean that the Cupertino-based company will launch two models at the same time. The manufacturer is just testing them and will take a final decision later.

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Possible release of iPhone SE4 with old screen

If Apple decides to use the old 6.1-inch screen, it means that the entire iPhone product line from Old screen will benefit

As you remember, since iPhone 12, all the main models of this series have started using OLED screens. Only the iPhone SE still uses an LCD display.

Another interesting piece of information in this report is that regardless of the size and material of the screen, the iPhone SE4 will have a larger screen than its previous generation products. Also, we speculate that it will use a notch design.

iPhone SE4 with old screen

In terms of appearance, the iPhone SE3 was almost identical to the iPhone 8. Regarding the iPhone SE4, there are rumors that this model will be very similar to the iPhone XR. This means that the iPhone SE4 will not have a home button and only from Face ID It will be used as a biometric identification method.

We know that Apple canceled the production of the mini version in the iPhone 14 series. This made many Apple fans think that the company will transfer the features of its mini version of the iPhone 14 to the iPhone SE series. In fact, according to the current leaked information, we can guess that the iPhone SE series will become a mid-range product with a small screen on the same level as the mini version.

However, these are just rumours. Plus, still two years to go Release of iPhone SE4 left to the market. So we will hear all possible rumors about this phone before its release.

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