Will the Qatar World Cup be closed with the resurgence of coronary heart disease? Some statistics and news published in the past few hours have strengthened this possibility.

News of Corona’s resurgence is rampant. With the disease re-emerging, we will probably have to wait for the 2022 World Cup to be canceled. Of course, the measures taken by Qatar to control the corona and control the disease since its outbreak have been very successful, and it is one of the countries that was able to control and control the disease well, but the decision about the World Cup, It depends on the continuation of the coronary process and its prevention steps.

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Corona closes Qatar World Cup?

According to the World Health Organization, and given Qatar’s good measures and control in controlling the disease, there is no concern in this regard, and as a result, it is unlikely that the World Cup games will face any particular problem.

Corona impact in Qatar World Cup

This year, Qatar will host the 2022 World Cup. The country is set to host many spectators during the World Cup. This has raised concerns about the re-emergence of the corona.

The director of the emergency department of the World Health Organization, Michael, said that the presence of spectators in the country and in Qatari clubs will not cause any problems regarding the outbreak of corona. “As the World Health Organization, we will keep in touch with this country and, if necessary, we can help them to hold these competitions better,” he said.

Ryan went on to say that the World Health Organization is in contact with Qatari health officials. This relationship revolves around better competitions in this country. As a result, we will not have to worry about this in November and December, when the World Cup will be held.

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