Tyrannosaurus rex It was a ruthless and violent predator that fed on every living thing in its field of vision. This terrible monster lived more than 66 million years ago, that is, during the Cretaceous prehistoric period. Stay with Tekrato for an answer to this question Why did T-Rex have short arms? to find

Despite this amount of cruelty, violence and brutality, this dinosaur species had very short arms for their size. but why?

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Why did T-Rex have short arms?

to report Acta Paleontology JournalThe reason why a bone-crushing dinosaur like the T-Rex had short arms was that these animals mistakenly bit each other’s arms while eating.

For now, this is just a hypothesis. Quoted from John Hutchinson: “It is a good story. “But in the end, I think we really don’t know what’s going on.”

Why did T-Rex have short arms?

He, who studies the biological movement mechanism of terrestrial organisms (both extinct and living species), continues: “It seems that the hands have not become shorter, but the legs have become longer and the body has become bigger.”

Mr. Hutchinson says about the evolutionary process: “As the T-rex evolved, which led to larger heads and bipeds, the use of arms and hands became less and less. They used their heads to catch and kill their prey, so they had little use for their arms. An animal can devote only a percentage of its body mass to a specialized subject. It cannot be a versatile animal. “So you either have a creature that is moderately evolved for everything, or you have a creature like the T-Rex that is designed purely to hunt and kill.”

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