Najwa, which faced the problem of hacking recently, stopped its activity in all services for a while. Now with the official statement of this company Restart Whisper After Hacking It’s been published.

It was October 9, 1401, that during the protests, Nezwa notification service Hacked As a result, the company announced in a statement: “Currently, the Whisper team has stopped all its services and is trying to recover.” Now, in a situation where a month has passed since this situation, Najwa has announced the resumption of his work by publishing an official statement.

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Restart Whisper After Hacking

In the official statement of Najwa, titled “Starting to work again, Najwa” states:

As the largest provider of Iranian retention marketing services, Najwa has always honored the trust of its customers and has moved forward in the path of progress with the support of its users. Since we have always tried to be transparent in matters and inform the audience, we felt it necessary to provide our dear companions with information about the events that happened to Najwa in the last month.

On Saturday, October 9, in the early hours of the morning, Najwa’s “push notification” service on the Firebase platform was the target of security intrusion, and a number of push notifications were sent to a limited number of users. Due to the fact that maintaining the security of Najwa users’ information is our main priority, we disabled all services in the first step; In this way, the sending of push notifications was stopped at the very beginning. After that, Najwa’s technical team started systems review processes to review and ensure the security of the service.

It should be noted that the issue was only limited to “sending” push notifications in the application layer, which was done through one of the old APIs of this intrusion, and no access to the server or user information occurred. Also, the websites that used this service were not affected in any way.

By applying new security measures and ensuring the full security of the service, Najwa Panel started operating again from November 2 and all services were available to users. During this time, the Najwa team has carried out the necessary security measures to prevent such incidents from happening again with detailed evaluations.

Also, in subscription services (push notification and email), 30 days will be added to the subscription period of users who had an active panel on October 9.

We are grateful to all the users who have accompanied us with their patience during this time and appreciate their support.

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