Which foreign brands are imported cars? This is a question that has been raised since the authorized car importing companies were identified, and we are trying to answer it in this article.

The list of car importers has been published while many former players of the Iranian car market will not have a role in importing and the primary role of car import has been left to car manufacturers and assemblers. Based on this and by examining the clauses of the car import regulations, we at Tekrato tried to prepare a list of brands whose cars may enter the country’s market. But Which foreign brands are imported cars? ?

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Which foreign brands are imported cars?

So list, Authorized car importers In the new year, Pars Khodro, Saipa, Saipa Citroen, Farda Khodrosazi, Kerman Motor, Makshtmotor and Arin Motor are dynamic.

Considering the nature of these companies, their records in the production, assembly and import of cars, it seems that most of the cars that will enter the country have already been offered to the country market, including Hyundai, Volkswagen, Nissan and of course some Chinese brand. In the past, the main players and representatives in the field of car import were non-manufacturing private companies, whose existence was completely import, and therefore a relative competition with domestically produced cars was established. Although imports by the country’s car manufacturers are not unprecedented, they were very limited and in the minority in the past.

Which foreign brands are imported cars?
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Now, the situation has changed and the authority to import is only in the hands of car manufacturers and assemblers who have achieved a kind of monopoly in the car market of the country. In fact, the Ministry of Security intentionally or unintentionally drafted the car import regulations in such a way that the old players do not have the desire or even the possibility to operate in this field, and car manufacturers and assemblers enter the pit.

With these conditions, if the absence of the old players in the supply of imports continues, the monopoly of automobile manufacturers will practically spread from production to imports, and as a result, of course, this issue is not interesting for customers. Another point about the list of car importers is that the car import should be done by these companies in the form of technology transfer and lead to production. But this issue is practically impossible as long as there are sanctions. Of course, it should be mentioned that according to the announcement of the Ministry of Privacy, it is possible to add the names of new companies to this list. But which foreign brands are imported cars?

What brands of cars are imported?

Seven automobile companies that have received a license from the Ministry of Security have started the order registration process. These companies have previously cooperated with some foreign car manufacturers, and assuming the possibility of cooperating with the same brands again, each of them is expected to introduce the following products to the market:

Kerman Motor

Considering the history of Kerman Motor’s cooperation with the well-known and famous Hyundai brand, and of course the recent claim of Kerman Motor’s CEO, the possibility Hyundai’s return to the Iranian market It is one of the strongest possibilities. The CEO of Kerman Motor claimed that his Korean company wants to return to Iran and has taken the initiative for this.

Kerman Motor, which is known as the assembler of Jack and Lifan products in Iran, is currently a large automobile holding that was supposed to assemble the Hyundai i10, i20, Elantra and Santa Fe in the first phase of its cooperation with this Korean company. .

Arin Motor

Before the car import ban in 1997, Arin Motor was the official importer of Mitsubishi and DS (Citroen luxury brand) and heavy Hitachi products, and probably this year as well, according to rumors. Intention to import Mitsubishi cars has the

Pars Khodro

Pars Khodro and Saipa have a history of long-term cooperation with Renault since the 60s and 70s. Pars Khodro resumed its commercial cooperation with Renault in 1983 and was entrusted with the responsibility of producing Thunder 90 and Megane. Renault Kolios and Sandro were also other products of the French car manufacturer that were assembled by this car manufacturer in the 90s.


Saipa Automobile Group also has a history of cooperation with Zoti and Changan brands, and they will probably go to these brands, but according to the CEO of this company, Saipa has also had discussions with Renault. On the other hand, recent news about Importing some Kia models Among them, Kia Cerato 2022 was introduced to Iran by Saipa.

Saipa Citroen

In the previous section, we said that it is possible that Saipa will enter into cooperation with Renault, but it is not unlikely that this company will follow the import of Renault products through its subsidiary, Saipa Citroen. This sub-category currently produces products such as Saina and Tiba, and as its name suggests, imports from Renault are probably carried out through it. Of course, it should be seen whether Saipa Citroen can import cars to Iran with the 20,000 dollar car import limit!

Automotive industry tomorrow

Farda Motors started its main activity in 2016 with the assembly and supply of MG RX5. After that, Farda Motors started assembling Dongfeng products. Farda Motors also launched the Changan Alswin sedan as its fourth assembly car under the Farda Motors badge. T5, the latest product of this company, is also an assembly car from Dongfeng. Having said that, this company is expected to go to Chinese car manufacturers.

Engine stop

The engine stop is actually a sub-group of Mammoth automobile manufacturing, which has had a long history in importing cars. Mammoth Khodro officially received Volkswagen dealership in 2015. After the ban on car imports in 2017, Mammoth went to Chinese car manufacturers and entered into cooperation with Daion Automobile, which resulted in the production of Daion 75 pickup in 1400. Mammoth then established a new brand called Maksht Motor and changed the name of Daion pickup to Clute. After the production of two Daion car models, Masat Motor chose its third product from the Chinese bike manufacturer and launched the Rujiang X5 bike under the name of Tiara in the Iranian market.

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