Swearing has many effects compared to other forms of language use; So, The magical power of cursing It represents a wide range of differences: psychological, cognitive, emotional, pain reliefinteractive and rhetorical.

We know that the power of cursing does not come from the body of words, and it is at this time that our question is also formed: where does the power of cursing come from? In this brief research, the goal of the researchers was three things.

The magical power of cursing from the perspective of science

  • Presenting an interdisciplinary analysis of the power of profanity (“The things we know!”), drawing inspiration from disciplines such as cognitive science, applied science, communication science, neuropsychology, and biological psychology. In other words, we have determined the unique characteristics of profanity, its content, and other things such as emotional force and arousal; increasing attention and memory, increasing automatic activities such as heart rate and skin electricity; Reducing sensitivity to pain, increasing stamina and physical strength, and a wide range of interpersonal, kinship, and rhetorical differences.
  • We examine the available (possible) explanations for the power of cursing, in particular, the hypothesis that punitive classical conditioning occurs through childhood punishments for cursing.
  • 3. We identify and examine a set of questions and issues that remain unanswered by existing attitude research/theorizing (“what we don’t know!”), including the lack of direct empirical evidence for punitive classical conditioning…

Now let’s look at the anatomy of the “obscene” saint:

The magical power of cursing

Well, before continuing the story, an explanation is necessary! Since the topic of research is fun whether you like it or not, I decided to freely translate the Guardian article; With an expressive language, they have addressed how much this research is; Please, give me the details of the news The magical power of cursing read:

name: swear word!

Age: It is different depending on its etymology: some profanities were ancient and became obnoxious over time, other profanities are also made up today!

Appearance: Repetitiveness is its most important feature, especially wherever people try to bring up the subject of Jeremy Hunt (for all we know, Jeremy Hunt is the British Chancellor of the Exchequer, who taxes his people!).

All I know is that it’s not big and clever! I mean, well actually, it could be any shower.

Continuing the conversation about the magical power of cursing

Are you calling my mother a liar? In fact, cursing has favorable consequences in conversation; I mean, research shows that it can make you seem more justified, you know?

Holy shit! In fact, this word can make you happier, healthier and more impervious to pain.

how does it work According to a new research in the magazine Lingua published, there are still many unanswered questions about the nature of profanity.

It was great! Which answer do we know now? Hum! One thing seems certain: the magical power of cursing is capable of producing “distinct psychological, physiological, and emotional effects.”

And some of these features are also positive, right? Yes! A study found that people who swear can keep their hands in a bucket of ice water for longer than people who don’t swear. Cursing also increases muscle function during physical training!

I would, but only because I hate sports! In addition, cursing will strengthen social relationships, and increase credibility. Research shows that text messages with profanity seem more believable than messages without profanity.

So I have to swear all the time, huh? Not. Curses still have negative connotations, and cursing can easily be interpreted as rudeness, demeaning, or a general display of aggression. Texture is everything my dear, everything!

Hum! I understand, but I’m not sure I can help myself! Please try harder dear.

It’s pointless! In fact, you can do it with practice.

Where does the magic power of cursing come from?

Oh, we know that it lies in the very heart of words: that is, for example, cursing in a foreign language does not create the same reaction as it does for native speakers of the same language! Curses are less powerful for those who speak a second language.

Does that mean everything goes back to childhood? It was a good question. It has been suggested that swear words create emotional arousal because we were punished for using them as children, but there is not much empirical evidence to support this hypothesis!

If not this, then what is? It is hard to say. Swearing is probably processed in a different part of the brain than other speech. “Specifically, profanity may activate the amygdala and basal ganglia rather than language processing structures,” the study says.

I have no idea what you are talking about! me too! Ahem!

say: “I find this scientific study very credible, just because of the liberal use of the word dickhead, ha ha!”

don’t say: “Hit Chuck!, or you all ******!”.

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