Following the increase in the number of people infected with monkey pox in the world, to prevent it Import of monkey pox vaccine It has become one of the important issues in the scientific committee of the country.

Monkey pox, which is the uninvited successor of Corona, and its widespread spread in some parts and countries of the world, has caused people to worry and fear again about the arrival of a new virus.

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In the situation where it is expected that we will see the end of the corona virus after months of fighting it, now we have to promise another dangerous virus that has its own symptoms and conflicts.

This rare disease is caused by an infection in the body, and many cases of it have been reported in some African countries for some time.

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Import of monkey pox vaccine

Over the past few days, the World Health Organization has announced that the outbreak of monkey pox in more than 70 countries has put the world in an extraordinary situation, which is considered an emergency. Declaring a global emergency means an extraordinary event that has been declared to prevent the virus from spreading to other countries.

Not long ago, the Danish biotechnology company announced that it has received permission from the European Commission to supply the monkey pox vaccine. This vaccine, the injection of which protects and prevents the monkey pox virus and is recommended by the pharmaceutical agency.

Import of monkey pox vaccine
monkey pox

Monkey pox, which was rarely found in West Africa in the past, has now spread to European countries. According to the World Health Organization, this is the first time that several cases of monkey pox have been observed simultaneously in many countries and among people who have not traveled to endemic areas of Africa.

Experts believe that the spread of this disease in non-African countries can be prevented by prevention and vaccination. In this regard, Behzad Amiri, the head of the management group of transmissible diseases between humans and animals, said regarding the import of monkeypox vaccine to Iran:

The issue of monkey pox vaccine has been raised in the national scientific committee and according to the opinion of the World Health Organization, public vaccination of monkey pox is not recommended. This issue is not necessary in this situation.

If cases of monkey pox disease are detected in the country, monkey pox vaccine is injected in two modes of prevention before exposure and after infection. In the national scientific committee, necessary investigations should be done regarding the need to import monkey pox vaccine to the country.

The vaccine of this virus is made and produced only in limited countries of the world. Considering that no cases of this disease have been identified in Iran, Iran is considered one of the countries that are in the stage of taking necessary measures and coordination according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

The vaccine for this virus is not made in Iran, therefore the scientific committee of the country should conduct necessary investigations regarding the need to import the monkey pox vaccine.

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Symptoms of monkeypox virus

The symptoms of this disease are that patients first experience fever and headache, swelling, back pain, and general lethargy, and then pimples start to appear on the skin of the body and face, which are mostly visible on the palms and feet. .

Import of monkey pox vaccine

These skin rashes may look like chicken pox or syphilis symptoms that disappear after three weeks in the body, it should be noted that these infectious rashes are accompanied by pain and skin itching.

Not long ago, Ebrahim Qadri, head of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Ministry of Health, announced the identification of six suspected monkeypox patients in Iran and said:

Five of these people were sampled, and the test result of three people was negative. We don’t have any reports of the disease inside the country, and as a result, we have started the disease investigation ourselves from the borders. People who are seen with things like fever and skin rashes are quarantined and samples are taken from them.

According to the World Health Organization, less than 10% of those who contract this disease die. The risks of this disease are less than the corona virus and it is mostly associated with skin lesions and does not have different mutations like covid-19.

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