According to information from the Mobile Importers Association, it seems to be clear iPhone 14 registry assignment Let’s wait until December. So the uncertainty continues for now.

Although more than a month of supply The latest iPhone model Past, but still iPhone 14 registry assignment It is not clear and there is little information on this matter only based on speculations based on hearsay. According to one of these hearings, Mohammad Reza Alian, the spokesman Mobile importers associationwhile referring to the uncertainty of the registry of this iPhone series, he announced that a decision will be made about the registry of this phone model at the beginning of December this year.

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The time to determine the iPhone 14 registry task

Although a month has passed since the import and registration of these phones, the users of these phones are still having problems Lack of registration of iPhone 14 and just last week it was announced that buyers of this phone who have already entered Iran can remove and re-insert the SIM card so that the activity of these phones can be temporarily extended for another month.

iPhone 14 registry assignment
Mohammad Reza Alian, the spokesperson of the Mobile Importers Association

Alian further said about the future of this smartphone in terms of registry:

“We really hope that the registration problem of these phones will be solved because they have not informed us of the logical reason why it was not registered. We are still confused as to why iPhone 13 It is registered but not 14. It is predicted that so far approx 100 to 150 thousand phones iPhone 14 has been sold in the market, even if we assume that 10,000 of this mobile phone model is in people’s hands, that means we are facing 10,000 users who have been seriously damaged both financially and in terms of trust. .

This problem exists not only for major importers but also for those who bought this phone for personal use and imported it as a passenger. Now, even though the phones are valued at customs, they cannot be paid for. Therefore, it is not possible to use them.

In this regard, last week, the peer system announced that all iPhone 14 phones available in the market are smuggled And he advised trade unions to refrain from importing and selling these phones until their duty is clarified. However, two days after the publication of this news, the customs announced that the phones imported by the passengers were not smuggled, but due to the fact that it is not possible for the passengers to pay the customs duties and taxes, therefore, It will not be possible to activate that phone.

Despite the announcement of non-registration of the iPhone 14, the officials still did not say anything about the reasons for this, and so far the follow-ups made by the customs for the exact time to solve this problem have been unsuccessful.

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