by presenting Save WhatsApp messages Coming soon, sending a message and keeping it to yourself on WhatsApp can become much easier than before.

Android users have many convenient options for taking notes and saving links to access them in the future. You can now The best note taking apps , or just rely on something you already use every day, like Telegram or Slack. These messaging services allow you to save messages for later and actually message yourself. It seems that WhatsApp employees are interested in providing Save the message on WhatsApp and are now testing their advances in personal messaging.

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Ability to save WhatsApp messages

Texting yourself might seem a little silly if you’re not used to it, but it has its uses. For example, instead of installing a dedicated app like Pocket to manage web links to revisit, or an app like Google Tasks to keep grocery lists, some of us can consider WhatsApp as a more versatile and convenient solution. Since multi-device support is already available in WhatsApp, you can even use chat with yourself to transfer small files between devices.

With the release of the new beta version of the WhatsApp Android application, WABetaInfo It mentions that WhatsApp beta testers get access to test the “Save WhatsApp Message” feature. As the name might suggest, WhatsApp is adding a chat option that is somewhat confusingly named “Me(you)”.

Save WhatsApp messages

When you tap the floating button (FAB) in the lower right corner of the screen in WhatsApp, it will prompt you to message a new contact, a new group, or a new forum. Below these options, you will see a list of all your contacts who also use WhatsApp. New option in future updates for Send a message to yourself It’s probably at the top of your contact list.

Do not confuse this feature with other WhatsApp features, it is possible to send messages to yourself in WhatsApp using the Click to Message link or using a WhatsApp group of which you are the only member. However, these methods fall squarely in the realm of workarounds rather than actual, proprietary features of this task, and it would be nice to have an option directly in the FAB menu as well. For that time, we suggest this Ability to save WhatsApp messages Pin to your chat list, so it’s easy to access in the Shares tab from other apps without using the Click to Message link every time.

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