The inflation rate in the country has always been increasing and the economy has not calmed down for several years. But June’s inflation rate reduced purchasing power in an unprecedented way following currency reforms.

Statistics provided by the Statistics Center of Iran regarding the consumer price index in June 1401, show the continuation of the upward trend in the price of goods and services. Of all the items, food and beverages had the highest point inflation rates.

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What effect did the June inflation rate have on households?

In June of this year, Iranian households experienced an inflation rate of 52 percentage points compared to June of last year. Inflation changes in June 1401 compared to May this year also had a growth of 8.7 percentage points. According to these statistics, the inflation rate in June is at 12.2 percentage points.

What effect did the June rate have on households?

Statistics provided by the Statistics Center show that Iranian households have seen high spending on food and beverages over the past month. The policy of preferential currency reform has left Iranian households facing inflation and unprecedented price increases over the past month.

Rising prices and inflation rates in a very short period of time, have made many Iranian households unable to provide many items needed for daily life. In just the past month, commodities and consumer goods have risen sharply.

The reform of the preferred currency and the increase in the prices of consumer goods and basic commodities took place while the government was obliged to keep the inflation rate constant at the level of inflation in September 1400 by paying subsidies for the prices of consumer goods.

What has been the impact of June inflation on different deciles of society?

During the recent inflation, the first and last deciles of the society have faced an increase in rates. In the division of deciles, the first decile has the lowest and the last deciles are the deciles. The June report of the Statistics Center of Iran regarding the impact of inflation on different deciles of society states:

The tenth decile with 8.4 percentage points was the lowest and the tenth decile with 19.5 percentage points suffered the highest inflation in consumer items.

What has been the impact of inflation on different deciles of society?

During June, the government pays subsidies based on the existing declassification form. The government has decided to pay a monthly subsidy of 400,000 Tomans for the people included in the first three deciles and 300,000 Tomans per month for the remaining six income deciles.

The government states that it controls inflation by paying subsidies and measures; But in the heart of society, there is no sign of being “under control.” In the current inflationary conditions, there is a difference of 1.11 percent among the most affluent and least privileged deciles of the society.

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