Although it seems that the story of increasing workers’ salaries is different from the story of pensioners’ rights, but one of the MPs has talked about both issues.

The government is actually facing two challenges. The first challenge is about raising the salaries of social security retirees, and the second challenge is about raising the wages of government workers.

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The speaker of the presidium of the parliament has talked about both cases in recent days. Recently, in this case, a quote from the spokesperson of the Speaker of the Parliament; Seyed Nizamuddin Mousavi has published, which does not seem to be able to help solve this problem and clarify the matter.

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Will the challenge of raising the salaries of government workers be resolved?

The year 1401 started with two important and different challenges for the 13th government. The first challenge was related to increasing the wages of working workers and the second challenge was related to retired people. It seems that one of these problems has been fixed and the other one is still in effect.

Will the challenge of raising the salaries of government workers be resolved?

In the first challenge, the government board finally agreed to announce its withdrawal regarding the unconventional resolution it had on how to increase the wages of workers employed in the public sector. It seems that this agreement was made after a number of workers working in the public sector complained to the Court of Administrative Justice about the disregard of the salary approval of the Supreme Labor Council. Therefore, the government board agreed to make a decision based on the law on increasing the wages of these workers.

According to this decree, the wages of workers increased by 57% for minimum wage earners and 38% for other wage earners in 1401. This decision was announced by the government to the Ministry of Labor to inform all employers. But it seems that some people used the budget law related to the increase of employees’ salaries as a criterion for increasing the wages of their workers, and according to it, the wages of government workers increased by only 10%.

Unfortunately, the government’s actions were not very effective and finally the government board decided to amend the previous resolution. Therefore, the result of all efforts remained unanswered and the case of the complaint in the Administrative Court of Justice was dismissed.

How is the process of increasing pensioners’ salaries?

The second challenge is related to the non-minimum wage pensioners of the social security organization on the government’s side, which is still standing. Regarding this issue, unfortunately, the government disregarded the proposal approved by the board of directors of the Social Security Organization, which was to increase the salaries of the pensioners of this organization based on the salary approval of the Supreme Labor Council in 1401, and a 10% increase in the pensions of the pensioners of other levels was approved. Is a 10% increase fair when the rest of the items had at least a 20% increase?

What is the story of increasing workers' rights and the parliament's position on this issue?
Increasing workers’ salaries

In this case, the story continued and became so sensitive that at the same time, the Board of Implementation of the Parliament’s Regulations and the Court of Administrative Justice were involved. Although the Administrative Court of Justice did not react in this case, the implementation committee of the Parliament, after holding two meetings, objected to the government’s actions and reacted. Unfortunately, this latest news was related to the increase in the salaries of social security pensioners, and after that, although quotes are heard, it has not actually helped to solve the problem.

One of the quotes that can be heard is the reaction of the Government Information Council Secretariat. This official considered the status of the committee to implement the regulations of the parliament as consultative and ultimately did not respect the opinion of the members of this committee as valid. The following quote is related to the head of the program and budget organization; It is Masoud Mirkazmi who claimed from the beginning that the decision of the government board was not correct. In his talks, he attributed the issue of increasing pensioners’ salaries to the Social Security Organization itself.

It seems that in the current situation, workers working in the public sector do not have a problem with increasing their wages, and the increase in workers’ salaries has been resolved for these people. But on the other hand, the non-minimum pensioners of the Social Security Organization are waiting for a change in the decision to increase their salaries, and the quote published by Mr. Mousavi in ​​this regard cannot help these people.

It is worth noting that there has not yet been a detailed investigation into the alleged manipulation of the wages of public sector workers in the parliament’s implementation committee, or even if this investigation was done, the government amended this resolution just a few weeks before the deadline. The salary for the month of June has been paid. According to this hypothesis, there should not be any problem in this regard now (July 12).

In addition, the dubious issue of the 10% increase in the salaries of retirees of other social security levels was placed on the agenda of the Parliament’s Regulations Implementation Committee for two consecutive sessions. It is interesting that the parliament has also confirmed the legal issue of the incident, but still the government does not show a clear reaction. The spokesperson of the Board of Governors did not make any clear statements about this in his recent interview that he gave yesterday.

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