The name of the Iranian application Rubika once again with Google security warning There have been rumors that this app is a spying tool. Stay tuned for more details.

Google security warning about The Rubika app is a spying tool It has been associated with the removal of this app from Google Play. Before this, domestic officials and some MPs insisted on the use of domestic apps such as Rubika and people’s lack of favor with foreign apps. But it seems that with this action by Google Play, the Rubika application does not have much chance to continue its activity among Iranian users.

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Google’s security warning about Rubika: This app is a spy!

Google Play’s security warning about this app being a spy on Friday, November 6, once again made this app news. Following Google’s warning, Rubica’s application by Google Play Security Shield (Google Play Protect) was identified as a dangerous application and blocked.

Google's security warning about Rubik's: This app is a spy

Despite all the filtering against global virtual networks and encouraging people to switch to internal platforms, this news has actually brought a negative result for Rubica because many users of this app removed this application from their mobile phones after hearing this news. .

When Android users tried to install this app on their phone through internal app stores, they were faced with a warning from Google Security Shield, which stated that Rubica accesses personal data such as SMS, pictures, Recorded sounds And Call history of the user’s device has access

Also, following the publication of this warning, many Google services, including Play Store and Google Map, were filtered and unavailable to users with Iranian IP addresses, and other services were also disrupted.

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Rubik’s answer to Google Play

Of course, following the publication of this warning, Rubika also published a tweet addressed to Google on its official Twitter account and while explaining that Rubika has not had an update recently, it asked Google Play to provide its documentation that this Iranian application is a spy.

Rubik's answer to Google Play

You are reading Rubica’s tweet addressed to Google Play:

Dear Google Play, as you are aware, Rubica has not had a new update recently and has not changed the level of access of the app to the phone. In the access layer, there is no different request than before, so please provide us with the documents you declared for the safety shield warning.

Of course, in the continuation of its response to Google Play, Rubica also published a statement Google Play’s goal of removing Rubik’s called it political:

Considering the wide popularity of Rubika users, which is witnessed by the daily sending of more than 500 million unique messages by nearly 35 million active users in the last month out of nearly 50 million active installations, the possibility of political motives in this action is further strengthened. will be An attack that was recently carried out by Apple under the pretext of US sanctions against Iran.

In its statement, Rubika also called this action of international platforms incorrect: “We do not support the imposition of restrictions for political and security reasons on users’ access to international services, but we also consider the efforts of international platforms to impose restrictions on Iranian users contrary to their claims.”

Of course, in the continuation of its statement, Rubika also denies any security problems: “This happened while Rubika has not recently released a new update and has not changed its previous accesses, and these accesses are completely conventional and similar to other messengers and social networks. “

Before publishing this warning, Rubica was removed from Google Play again. The reason for its removal is very similar to the current reasons of Google Play; Among the increase in the number of complaints from users about this application in the comments section of the Play Store and violations such as creating fake accounts, especially for famous figures, were considered.

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Technical reasons for removing Rubik’s from Google Play: from not having a license to endangering users’ information

In the solution that the officials of Rubica have for political reasons to remove this application from Google Play, it seems that a major part of this story also has its own technical reasons.

We know that Rubica was removed from Play Store earlier. But due to the fact that its panel remains in the Play Store, the new privacy rules or other necessary rules have been sent to Rubika via email. But due to the lack of Rubica’s presence on this platform, this app is practically unaware of the new rules, and this could be the reason for the warning from Google Play.

But another interesting thing about Rubica is that this application, which has many active installations, is still not approved by the Radio Regulatory Organization. It is not licensed And on the page related to messengers licensed by this organization, which is the upper body for issuing licenses to messengers, no name of Rubica is registered.

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