These days, many and various news are heard about gasoline, and in the latest case, the Minister of Economy, while discussing the future of gasoline prices, discussed the gasoline plan for everyone.

Since the beginning of this year, there has always been the topic of increasing the price of gasoline and rumors about it have been spread, but today the Minister of Economy officially announced that there will be no increase in the price of gasoline at least this year.

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Simultaneously with the announcement of this news and according to him, the gasoline plan for everyone is supposed to be reviewed after 5 months in a meeting with the presence of the president, but the review and implementation of this plan does not mean an increase in the price of gasoline. This news comes at a time when Khandozi had previously said that this project is not among the government’s priorities and is currently out of our agenda.

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What is the gasoline plan for everyone?

Gasoline for everyone is a plan that was implemented on a trial basis from March of last year, and according to it, the gasoline quota for cars is removed and instead, the quota is assigned to the national code of individuals. Of course, many details of this plan have not been revealed yet, but the promises indicate that each national code can have between 15 and 20 liters of gasoline quota per month.

What is the gasoline plan for everyone and its effect on the price of gasoline?

With such a plan, people who have a car can use their quota and people without a car can sell their quota. However, there are no details about the mechanism of selling gasoline, and the only important thing is that if someone wants to consume more than this amount, he should purchase gasoline freely.

As for the price of gasoline, the quota price of 1,500 has been announced at the moment and it will probably be applied to this plan as well. Of course, there are rumors about the price of 18,000 to 20,000 tomans for gasoline, but this figure has not been confirmed by the government.

It should be mentioned that the gasoline plan for everyone was first implemented in Qeshm and Kish, and after the problems encountered in its implementation, it was decided to implement it again in the whole country after reviewing and fixing the problems. But now 5 months have passed since the implementation of the project in Kish, but a detailed decision has not been taken yet.

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