Indicator Having a support package for internal platforms announced. These indicators are published in several different designs with details and tables.

Indicator having a support package for internal platforms, It was announced by the Information Technology Organization. About 20 days ago, the government unveiled the “Support for Digital Economy Businesses” program, and now after this time has passed, the Information Technology Organization has announced the indicators of having a support package for domestic platforms.

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What is the criterion for having a support package for internal platforms?

Three indicators have been introduced in this plan, which are as follows:

  • First index: General acceptance indicators of the platform for users
  • The second index: General acceptance indicators for businesses
  • The third indicator: Indicators of software and technical capabilities

Filtering international platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp Significant damage to Online businesses and in addition to reducing income, it put many of them on the brink of bankruptcy. Forty days after the start of this wave of filtering, the government announced the support program for businesses Digital economy unveiled A program that, of course, was dubbed by experts as a good plan in a bad time.

Now, nearly twenty days after the unveiling of this plan, Information Technology Organization It has introduced the criteria for identifying eligible platforms and the conditions for benefiting from this support package. The platforms are evaluated based on the indicators mentioned in this call and the benefits and capacities Government support package They benefit. The three indicators mentioned above with different weight percentages are considered as criteria for evaluating platforms.

Having a support package for internal platforms

Regarding the first two indicators, that is, the general acceptance of the platform for users and businesses, two criteria have been considered:

  1. The level of user satisfaction (with 30 points)
  2. The number of monthly active users (with 70 points), which is considered one point for every 100,000 users for the platform.

Regarding general indicators for businesses Also:

  • Number of registered and authenticated businesses (30 points),
  • The number of sales of goods or services in the past year (40 points)
  • The number of public channels for the supply of goods, content and services (30 points) will be considered to identify and provide support to the platforms.

Having a support package for internal platforms

Indicators of software capabilities It is the third factor that is considered in evaluating and providing support to platforms. This index takes features and facilities such as: “transmission of written, audio and video messages, file transfer capability, advertising capability for businesses, the ability to create a store, financial and payment portal, the ability to build trust between the buyer and the seller, and… to score the platforms. Gives.”

Having a support package for internal platforms

After checking these indicators, the platforms with The score level is 65% And they will enjoy all the protections available in the government’s protection regulations. Also, the platforms that score between 50% to 65% They will only benefit from a part of the support mentioned in paragraphs 3, 6, 7 and 8 and according to their executive regulations.

Applicants for this support package should send all their completed documents, documents and forms to the address to send

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