The Russian propaganda apparatus accused the Ukrainian army of preparing to use Radioactive bomb Or dirty bomb He has fought on the battlefield.

It is a crazy time, at least it was expected that humanity after World War II would learn from its era of explosions and massive killings. weapons of mass destruction They will not benefit the parties to the conflict, and the only benefit will be the decay and destruction of human civilization. But after millions of dead and veterans, house burnings, destruction and terror, the Russians are looking for an excuse to use tactical atomic bombs, which may even create a “nuclear winter” across the earth!

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Should we be afraid of the explosion of a radioactive bomb or its radioactive materials?

Well, let me say in the first line that any explosion will most likely kill or injure people and damage public and private property, so try to stay as far away from the place of explosion as possible.

Radioactive bomb

But we should not be afraid of the radioactivity released as a result of the explosion of this bomb, because any death will be a direct result of the explosion of the bomb and not its radioactive materials.

Of course, the radioactivity bomb used by terrorists is a little different from the one made by conventional armies of the world; Because if terrorists use a high energy source – which is capable of creating lethal doses of radiation – they must also use a large amount of high-density protective materials such as lead or steel in the construction of their weapons, and this is a problem in itself; But the armies do not have the technological problem of its safe development. Therefore, if a country’s army uses it, it is highly possible that it has used lethal radioactive materials in the manufacturing formula; But in general, these bombs do not pose a lethal radiation risk.

Why does the spread of radioactive materials reduce its performance?

To better understand why, I will give an example: Consider someone throwing a large stone at you, if the stone hits you, you will probably get hurt, but if they pick up the same stone and break it into small grains of sand, and then, If they throw those little bits of sand at you, you’ll be much less likely to take physical damage. The same principle also applies to radioactive materials dispersed in an explosion; This scattering causes the radiation surface to become fainter, reducing the radiation level to about that of an X-ray.

What is the difference between a tactical nuclear weapon and a radioactive bomb?

Tactical nuclear weapons are small nuclear warheads designed for battlefield or limited attack use. If an army wants to destroy the enemy’s targets in a certain area without wide spread of radioactivity, it uses this atomic weapon.

Radioactive bomb
Tactical atomic bomb

But Radioactive bomb It uses a non-nuclear explosion to vaporize and disperse radioactive materials. The smallest tactical nuclear weapon can be about 1 kiloton or less (explosive equivalent to a thousand tons of TNT). And the biggest one can have something like 100 kilotons of explosive power.

Its difference with strategic nuclear weapons is in the volume of its explosive material, which can have an explosive power of about 1000 kilotons and be launched from a longer range. If you want to compare its power with other nuclear weapons; We can mention the atomic bomb that the United States dropped on Hiroshima in 1945, which had a power of about 15 kilotons.

Summary of radioactive bomb or dirty bomb

As media circles and newspapers have said, Radioactive bomb It is a terrorist weapon, and as scary as it may seem, we should not be afraid of it; Because it is not an “atomic” bomb at all. In fact, it is a common weapon that uses conventional explosives (such as dynamite or TNT) to scatter radioactive materials. Well, the dangerous part of this weapon is the explosive itself, not the radioactivity that expands from it. In fact, the developers of this weapon believe that its ultimate goal is to cause damage due to the explosion and, as a result, to spread fear and terror with radioactive materials.

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