Tehran Province Water and Wastewater Company, from the situation of dealing with Subscribers who abuse waterissued a notice and announced that Water cut for 6 thousand households in Tehran It has been implemented temporarily.

By examining the content of this announcement, we can see that Abusive subscribers Water includes four percent of all subscribers, but their water consumption is very high, and the Tehran Water and Sewerage Company hopes that the implementation of the “water cut to 6,000 Tehrani households” plan will be effective in changing their behavior.

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Water cut for 6 thousand households in Tehran

Monthly water consumption pattern In Tehran, 220 liters have been reported, while the permitted consumption pattern is 14 cubic meters for each household (about three and a half people), and this means that the current amount is 80 liters more.

Water cut for 6 thousand households in Tehran

Water consumption status It has been reviewed in the first half of this year. According to this survey, only 37% of Tehrani families follow this pattern of consumption, and the rest are in the “high consumption” and “bad consumption” groups.

According to the obtained statistics, 59% of the customers who consume a lot, and their consumption is around 14 to 28 cubic meters, which is twice the consumption pattern.

The number of abusive subscribers is around 4%, whose drinking water consumption is more than 28 cubic meters, and these people alone account for 10% of the total. Tehran drinking water they consume

Tehran Water and Wastewater Company, based on paragraph “y” of note 8 of the budget law and also The need to protect water resources who are restricted due to drought, has the legal authority to cut off the water of customers who misuse it.

The average volume of drinking water supply tanks in Tehran, on Wednesday, November 11, was about one million cubic meters, which is less than the minimum standard. Tehran’s instantaneous water consumption since the beginning of the autumn season has been around 40,000 liters, which is less than the same amount in the previous year.

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