After the Artemis operation was stopped three times, the mission of this spacecraft was finally started and launched into space. In the following Image of Artemis 1 from Earth You will see that it is extraordinary and amazing at the same time.

After three delays, NASA’s SLS rocket mission has finally begun. This rocket, known as Artemis, announced the start of its activity by sending an image of the planet. An image that makes you dream.

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Image of Artemis 1 from Earth

Artemis 1, which is an unmanned spacecraft, has a mission to go around the moon in the first place and investigate the conditions. The image of Artemis 1 is a stunning image that will make you think.

Image of Artemis 1 from Earth

The Orion capsule used one of its navigation cameras to record this image. Although this picture is not the highest quality and the best picture of the earth, but it shows new dimensions and its unique beauty reminds us of our place in the universe in a different way.

Image of Artemis 1 from EarthIt shows a circle of land and water covered by white clouds, and due to the shadow in the lower left part, all its dimensions cannot be seen. This image shows a planet in the dark part of the world and its black and whiteness has a strange feeling.

Although our loneliness in the world has not been proven, missions like this are the only way to answer this question. The Artemis 1 mission and the trip to the moon can be the beginning of a journey to the depths of the universe and its knowledge.

If the plans are done correctly, humans will decide to go to the red planet after stepping on the moon and start building a colony there. Although there is a long way to reach that stage, it seems that in the not-so-distant future, mankind will become an extraterrestrial and extraplanetary being. Enjoy Artemis 1’s image of Earth.

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