The test flight of the Volocopter flying taxi was successfully completed. This flying taxi is basically an electric helicopter guided by robotics.

Volocopter flying taxi test flight Pilotless and assisted Robotics science done successfully. This taxi is basically a small electric helicopter. Volocopter is the name of a German company that wants to establish the production of electric vehicles in the European Union. The company plans to operate short commercial flights in Paris by 2024.

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Volocopter flying taxi test flight in the suburbs of Paris

Volocopter flying taxi test flight, was done on Thursday in the suburbs of Paris. This flying taxi will fly in regular air traffic, a range that will be dedicated to commercial flights from 2024. The interesting thing about the velocopter is that it does not need a pilot, because thanks to the control systems and Artificial intelligenceThis relatively compact bird is guided automatically.

Volocopter flying taxi test flight

Volocopter flying taxi to one Unmanned aircraft It looks like eight big rotors move it. During the test flight of the Volocopter flying taxi, the taxi took off from the Pontoise-Cormeilles airport outside Paris with a passenger and circled the area for a while in the vicinity of other aircraft.

Volocopter is a German company that decides the service Air taxi settle in the European Union. “Derek Hook”, the CEO of this company, announced that the Volocopter flying taxi is seeking certification for traffic. The company plans to launch short-haul commercial flights by 2024, the time of the Summer Olympics in Paris.

Volocopter Flying Taxi Limits

Volocopter plans to fly its air taxi fully automatically with two passengers. However, the German company admits that doing so faces commercial-legal restrictions and lack of public acceptance.

Valérie Pacres, head of the Ile-de-France region around Paris, is one of the staunch supporters of the Volocopter flying taxi. He supports this project financially and is interested in the first flights Volocopter air taxi be done from this area. He said in a statement:

The development of low-altitude aviation for urban air transport is a dream adventure.

Volocopter flying taxi test flight

Volocopter is not the only company in the world that offers automated air taxi services. Lilium, Joby Aviation and Airbus are some of the competitors of the German company in this field. Over the next two years, Volocopter plans to transform its design from a concept model into a vertical flying transport vehicle for everyday use by people.

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