Assistant video referee in Iranian football ; Will VAR soon enter the Premier League? Sports Minister Sajjadi said that if there is no problem, we will have VAR in the Premier League from the second half of the season.

Hamid Sajjadi said about the latest conditions of the Football Federation and the national team on the eve of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar: If I want to say the conditions of the Ministry of Sports at the time we have taken over, it does not convey good energy. The boards were supposed to proceed according to the statutes. There was a 6-month deadline, but no action was taken during this time.

Assistant video referee in Iranian football

Also, the head of the Referee Committee of the Football Federation announced the conclusion of the video assistant referee system contract with the companies that are parties to the FIFA contract. Alireza Sohrabi, the former head of the Refereeing Department of the Football Federation, in a conversation with the Sports Department of Radio and Television regarding the training of referees in relation to VAR, said: “First of all, we need to determine the number of referees who are going to blow the whistle in the Premier League. and then all of them should be trained. Each of the referees should be trained for 3 offline matches of 90 minutes. so that they are ready to hold the second half of the season with VAR.”

He also continued and said: “First of all, the necessary infrastructure should be installed in the stadiums and after that it will take 6 months to train the referees.”

Assistant video referee in Iranian football
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He continued to talk about this issue The Minister of Sports said that VAR will be used in the beginning of the second half of the season He said: “This will never happen and in the best case, we will have a video assistant referee next season.”

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