Every glass of drinking water that you consume, previously at least to Urine of 10 people is infected Researchers say that this issue is related to the water purification cycle.

A glass of water has already been drunk by 10 people

Drinking water for human consumption It is recycled in one of these two cycles. You drink water and then expel it. Your urine in nature returns to the plants, where it is purified and sent back to your home’s plumbing.

In the natural cycle, the water in your sewer is eventually released into a river or stream that flows into the sea. This water evaporates and goes to the sky in the form of clouds, and then in a natural system, the water falls to the ground as rain. This water to Groundwater sources It penetrates and this cycle continues for years.

The water that is on Earth now is the same water that has been here for nearly 5 billion years. In fact, it means that you already Dinosaur urine You also drink

urine that is drunk;  Each glass of drinking water has already been consumed by 10 people

When water leaves our bodies in urine, it begins a journey to a sewage plant, where it is treated for direct use, or takes a different route to a water channel and finally to the sea, where it is re-used. It will be used eventually.

While humans have been separating waste and water for thousands of years, until the beginning of the 21st century, people had not yet found a way to have completely healthy drinking water.

The Daily Mail in its report describes the inputs of water produced on earth as follows. This water is actually 350 million years old water from 5 billion tons of vertebrates that have urinated eight times their weight every year. This amount is equivalent to 14 thousand million cubic miles of urine.

Bronze Age, which is about 3200 BC It began when humans began to reuse wastewater for irrigation and aquaculture. Roman systems for harvesting rainwater from rooftops for domestic use have also been discovered in cities such as Pompeii.

People living in Germany and France built fish ponds during the 13th century to receive nutrient-rich sewage from monastery toilets.

In the 19th century, Wastewater reuse It was done in different countries through the exploitation of sewage tanks that were originally built for sanitary purposes. Where sewage was added to the land to benefit from its soil enrichment value. Today, the world has more complex methods for Converting wastewater into drinking water It is used which is basically an endless looping process.

Finally, although it may be disturbing to imagine, it is now a conservative estimate that the atoms in a single water molecule have already been contaminated by urine at least 10 times, which means that The water we drink now, at least before by 10 people It is drunk and then excreted.

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