According to Saipa Company, Urgent sale Shahin Shahrivar 1401 It will start tomorrow, September 31. This project starts at 10 am in the integrated car allocation system.

According to the Saipa company, the immediate sale of Shaheen will start on 31 Shahrivar 1401 from 10 am tomorrow through the integrated car allocation system. Stay with us to know the details of the plan and conditions of the circular.

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Urgent sale Shahin Shahrivar 1401

Super sales plan of Shahin Shahrivar 1401 It starts tomorrow. The price of this car in this plan is 344 million and 715 thousand tomans and the delivery date is 90 days. In this design, the falcon is only available in white.

In case of any increase in costs (numbering, insurance, tax, transfer tax, tolls, etc.) before the car invoice, the customer is obliged to pay the mentioned amount.

Urgent sale of shahin in Shahrivar 1401; conditions and price

Applicants can enter from 10 am on Thursday, September 31 Integrated car allocation systemby registering personal information and receiving the user code and password obtained from the site, choose the car they want. Terms of the circular In this plan, it is as follows:

  1. National code restriction will be applied for registration (each national code is allowed to register one device).
  2. The minimum age of applicants to buy a car is 18 years and they are required to present a car license.
  3. There is no possibility of peace (cancellation purchase) and transfer of the car by proxy.
  4. The card number, bank account number, and Shaba number, which will be deposited into the car company’s account in the future if there is a car purchase, must belong to the applicant. In case of entering incorrect information (Shaba number), all responsibility for it will be directed to the registered applicant.
  5. The declared mobile phone number must belong to the applicant.
  6. The postal code of the registered applicant and the representative code chosen by the customer must be from the same province. It is obvious that after choosing the agent code, it is not possible to change the delivery agent and Saipa Group is not responsible for it.
  7. Respected customers should refer to Saipa Gezoh Car Dealers for initial service after 1000 km and maximum 5 months from the delivery date of the car, otherwise the car warranty will be void.
  8. Registration is not available for legal customers.

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