Xiaomi, the flagship company, will soon introduce its new laptop. Recently, the unveiling date and technical specifications of the Xiaomi Book Pro 2022 have been determined.

In 2021, Xiaomi introduced the Mi Notebook Pro (known as the Mi Laptop Pro) at the Mi 11 Ultra event in China. Now, a year after the launch of this product, the company has confirmed that it intends to introduce the successor of this laptop called Xiaomi Book Pro 2022 at the upcoming conference with the unveiling of the Xiaomi 12S in China.

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Technical specifications of Xiaomi Book Pro 2022

According to a report published on the social network Weibo, Xiaomi plans to unveil the Book Pro 2022 on July 4 in China. It looks like the launch will be at an event to unveil the Xioami 12S, though the company has also confirmed that its new smartwatch will be on the sidelines of the event. Xiaomi Band 7 Pro Will also introduce.

Xiaomi Book Pro 2022

At the time of writing, Xiaomi has revealed some useful information about the Xiaomi Book Pro 2022. First of all, it should be said that this new laptop has a thin design and very low weight with a metal body. In addition, this laptop has a 4K OLED screen. Another thing about the specifications of this laptop is that, like some of the company’s smart TVs and smartphones, the new notebook also supports Dolby Vision technology.

This computer comes with MIUI + technology such as smartphones and tablets with MIUI. Another detail we know about this device is that the Xiaomi Book Pro 2022 will be equipped with Xiao AI voice assistant.

Although we are still four days away from holding Xiaomi’s big conference and event, it seems that Xiaomi will reveal more details about Xiaomi Book Pro 2022 in future teasers that will be released before the event.

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