According to the announcement of the World Health Organization, Unknown pneumonia with similar symptoms coronavirus Including fever, body aches and breathing problems were identified in Argentina.

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The World Health Organization has announced that 4 people in Argentina have died from pneumonia. Also, several other people are affected by this disease. The origin of the pneumonia disease that led to the death of Argentines is not known definitively. It is possible that the origin of this disease is a bacterium calledlegionellabe

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Unknown pneumonia with symptoms similar to corona

Global Health spokesperson Tarik Jasarevic sent an email to CNN and explained that New pneumonia It has been identified in eight employees and one other person in the city of Santiago.

Unknown pneumonia with symptoms similar to corona

The BBC reported that the symptoms of this disease are high fever, difficulty breathing and body aches. According to the statement of the Minister of Health of Tucuman, Symptoms of new pneumonia It is exactly like the symptoms of Covid-19.

According to the Pan American Health Organization, the people who died from this disease had underlying diseases. Also, no symptoms were observed in people who were in contact with the deceased. Tarik Jasarevich says:

“The cause is currently under investigation by public health authorities and all hypotheses including viral and other factors are being considered. Argentina’s Ministry of Health and provincial health authorities are working together to investigate the outbreak. They are also carrying out measures such as contact tracing and controlling the movement of health care clinics related to the outbreak.”

He further stated that 4 people who were involved in this disease died, 3 people are hospitalized. Another person is in home quarantine and his condition is somewhat stable.

Tests for Covid-19, influenza and Hantavirus have been performed on infected people, and the results of all these tests were negative. Doctors are now analyzing the disease and conducting various tests on the local water supply and air conditioners to determine the cause of the disease.

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