The uniswap platform continues to develop in the NFT sector. One of UniSwap’s long-term goals is the integration of this platform with sudoswap.

UniSwap intends to cooperate and merge with sudoswap exchange. This decentralized exchange brings the possibility of NFT swaps to UniSwap users. The main UniSwap feature will be available in the fall. Uniswap team is working on new features of this platform.

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The most important long-term goals of UniSwap

In June, UniSwap purchased NFT market aggregation platform Genie. This transaction allowed Uniswap users to hold NFT tokens from multiple trading venues simultaneously. Uniswap’s integration with sudoswap also enabled the direct purchase of decentralized NFTs through the uniswap platform. Users can also set up their own NFT liquidity pools.

UniSwap's long-term goals in the NFT market

One of the other long-term goals of UniSwap is to reduce the commission fee. By merging uniswap and sudoswap, users will pay only 0.5% commission. This amount is 5 times lower than the commission rate of UniSwap’s biggest competitor, OpenSea.

The integration with sudoswap largely reflects uniswap’s ambitions. Initially, the largest Ethereum-based DEX took half of the turnover from the Coinbase exchange. Currently Uni swap It is determined to have complete control over the market of foreign tokens. In line with this, uniswap must compete with competitors such as OpenSea and LooksRare.

UniSwap team describes the integration and development project of this platform as the most exciting and attractive part of the field of digital currencies. According to the team members, the Uniswap project and its NFT tokens perfectly represent the value of a thriving digital economy.

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