It seams Two billion tax exemption for internet businesses Another way for the government to push people to internal platforms. In the following, we will examine this plan.

In the last month and a half External platforms Like Instagram and WhatsApp, they have faced filtering and many small and large businesses dependent on these platforms have either been destroyed or are on the verge of destruction. In this regard, the government is trying to somehow turn the internal platforms into a viable platform for these businesses. One of the actions of the government in this regard is the allocation of mTwo billion tax relief for internet businesses Is.

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Two billion tax exemption for Internet businesses can be a way to move people to domestic platforms?

Government support plan for internet businesses Not long ago, it was unveiled by a working group with the presence of the Minister of Communications. A remarkable plan, which, according to some, was brought up at a very inappropriate time.

Two billion tax exemption for Internet businesses can be a way to move people to domestic platforms?

It seems that the government implemented the protection plan in practice Extensive filtering of external platforms has implemented On the other hand, most startups and internet businesses, or in other words, the country’s digital economy, have reached the verge of collapse. But the government has plans to support internet businesses and move people to domestic platforms.

according to Regulations for supporting digital economy businessesUsers whose businesses are authenticated on internal platforms and do not have a tax record can be exempted from tax up to two billion tomans.

It goes without saying that the plan to support digital businesses has 14 articles and 30 types of government support and includes things such as advertising support for platforms and eligible businesses, postal services, and tax support.

Users who work through internal platforms enjoy benefits such as maximum discounts on advertising costs in government agencies, provision of advertising and introduction of platforms by government agencies, maximum discounts on advertisements in radio and television, programming to introduce businesses to attract followers. , allocating a special SMS advertising package to eligible businesses, providing free advertising packages by approved platforms to attract followers for businesses, and banning the advertising of foreign platforms in radio and television programs.

And regarding the tax discount for the platforms included in the above scheme, special support in the tax field has been considered, which can be used for things like Tax exemption up to two billion tomans Income per year for businesses that do not have a tax record, tax discount for businesses with a tax file, and acceptance of business start-up and development costs and included platforms as acceptable tax expenses.

But on the other hand, despite all these facilities for the activists in the internal platforms, we do not see much movement from the users. One of the reasons for this issue is the need for internal platforms; In other words, internal platforms have not been popular with the society before and as a result, they have not passed the test in the field of business.

On the other hand, of course, internal and external cannot be considered the same. A point that may have been implicitly mentioned in this plan; In the sense that it is mentioned in the support plan for digital economy businesses that: getting followers equal to at least half of foreign platforms.

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Details of the two billion tax exemption plan for internet businesses

In the above plan, a bonus is also considered for businesses that operate through domestic platforms, and that is a tax exemption of up to two years for internet businesses.

Details of the two billion tax exemption plan for internet businesses

In this regulation, there are three paragraphs in the exemption section Tax support belongs; In this regard, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology said that a tax exemption of up to two billion Tomans per year has been considered for eligible businesses with no tax history.

In another section of the tax section, it is mentioned to accept the costs of setting up and developing the business and the included platforms as “acceptable tax expense”.

According to the announcement of the Minister of Communications, when the costs related to the development and launch of supported platforms are accepted as acceptable tax expenses, it can be deducted from the platform’s tax liabilities.

Of course, more details of this support have not yet been announced and criteria will be determined based on which platforms will be included.

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