By making Elon Musk’s strange decisions, it seems Twitter on the brink of destruction is placed Stay with us to explain the factors contributing to the destruction of Twitter.

Twitter on the brink of destruction it placed. but why? Elon Musk Since his arrival at the office of Twitter with The dismissal of the top managers of Twitter that everyone had worked hard for its survival for years, pushed this social network to the brink of destruction. In another move, the world’s richest man turned Blue Twitter into a subscription service for Get the blue tick fee He became one of the chosen people of this social network.

This idea of ​​Elon Musk was also closed. Because only after a few days of launching the service Blue Twitter New, this service has been discontinued. Musk went on to be harsh with Twitter employees, and this has so far been to the detriment of him and the Twitter community as a whole.

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Twitter is on the verge of destruction?

Unfortunately it seems Twitter on the brink of destruction It has been placed and we must say that Twitter is temporarily closed, but why? In the following, we will answer this question in full.

Story Elon Musk And the purchase of Twitter has entered a critical phase. It seems that the mass layoffs at the Twitter office and Elon Musk’s strictures have given him a big challenge, but can the Martian pass this stage? Why is Twitter shut down? Are users’ personal information exposed to hackers? How long will this shutdown last? We will answer all these questions below.

Twitter on the brink of destruction

After long stories, Elon Musk He officially became the owner of Twitter by paying 44 billion dollars; But this was the beginning of a crisis or maybe a new season! At the very beginning of his entrance into the Twitter office with a sink, Elon Musk made it clear that he intends to clean up Twitter’s pollution and flaws. He then went to ineffective Twitter executives like Parag Agrawal and Vijaya Gedde to let everyone know that he doesn’t differentiate between corrupt executives and lowly employees. All these issues were little by little the story Twitter blue tick He also entered the story!

Usually users twitter That blue tick They have more credibility, but now all Twitter users can add a blue tick to their profile by paying $8. This will reduce some of Twitter’s losses that have been accumulated in recent years, and the credibility of each user’s words will depend on his behavior and not a blue tick!

Twitter on the brink of destruction

These cases, along with the expulsion of more than 3,700 people from Twitter employees And the removal of remote work leave, caused the anger of some employees and users social network Take a hint from Elon Musk. He has even stopped the free lunch at the Twitter office and says that each lunch at the Twitter office costs more than $400!

now Elon Musk He issued a public ultimatum to all Twitter employees, asking them to accept the new and tough conditions, work harder and join the bright days of Twitter or leave the company forever! Now the deadline of Elon Musk’s ultimatum is over and the employees who intend to stay should send a message to Elon Musk, but it seems that the situation is not so good; Because less than half of Twitter employees (almost 4 thousand people) have given a positive answer to Elon Musk!

Twitter on the brink of destruction
Twitter users compared Elon Musk to Thanos and firing employees to “Break Thanos”!

Resignation of Twitter employees and temporary closure until Monday

According to the rumors in Cyberspace It has been broadcast, a number of prominent engineers and senior employees of Twitter have announced their official resignations in the private Twitter group, unable to cope with the new and difficult conditions that Elon Musk has created at Twitter.

It seems that these events will disable many parts of Twitter’s technical infrastructure, and high-level managers plan to shut down a large number of Twitter offices by Monday this week (November 20) to prevent hackers from infiltrating and causing possible problems. or 29 November) temporarily close.

It is also good to know that Elon Musk plans to bring back some of the employees who have recently been fired or resigned! Of course, one of these employees addressed Elon Musk in his new tweet with a sarcastic tone and said:

Twitter on the brink of destruction

Currently many Twitter employees with hashtags like #RIPTwitter And #GoodbyeTwitter They have officially announced that in this social networkThey do not see any future. But Elon Musk does not believe in the death and shutdown of Twitter (permanently) at all, and in his latest tweet, he asked people to draw and send him the future direction of Twitter.

All these things happened while Elon Musk And Twitter strongly from the side Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the US Democratic representatives are under intense pressure. Do you think the future of Twitter and Elon Musk will lead to shutdown and death, or can The Martian bring this important platform back to its glory days?

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