Treatment of brain disorders with artificial intelligence is the new solution of the University of Toronto for the treatment of brain disorders. The treatment of these diseases is accelerated by the knowledge of microelectronics.

University of Toronto researchers found that Treatment of brain disorders with artificial intelligence It is a safe and fast solution. These researchers use Artificial intelligence and microelectronics knowledge They can be diseases such as Epilepsy and Parkinson’s treat

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Treatment of brain disorders with artificial intelligence and microelectronics knowledge

In this method, from Neural implants It is used in miniature silicon chips based on deep learning.

Production method Silicon brain chips, is similar to the method used to produce computer chips today. One of the researchers of this project, who is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Engineering University of Toronto is, says:

“Neurons can communicate with each other partly through electrical signals, and the neural implant creates a kind of electrical stimulation that acts like a pacemaker for the brain.”

Treatment of brain disorders with artificial intelligence

One of the researchers of this project points out that brain implant, Neural Networks turns it on and off like a switch or like restarting a computer. The senior researcher also explains about the complexity of this research project. He believes that doing such work is not as simple as it seems and researchers are trying to understand the complexity of this project. The senior researcher of this study in CRANIA Neurotechnology Center works, says scientists still don’t fully understand how this system works.

Treatment of brain disorders with artificial intelligence It led this group to start research aimed at improving brain health and developing alternative therapies. Neural implant project It has been considered by this team as a promising alternative treatment option and they are trying to Artificial intelligence use as an effective treatment option while minimizing adverse reactions to brain overstimulation.

The research team of this technology CMOS It stands for “complementary metal oxide semiconductor” and allows them to find an optimal way to treat certain brain disorders. This solution, in turn, reduces the risks associated with nerve implant surgery and its long-term use.

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