WhatsApp has finally introduced the ability to transfer WhatsApp chat history between Android and iOS. This efficient feature has never officially existed before.

Some time ago, news was published that WhatsApp is working on the ability to transfer chats between iPhone and Android, and today this feature was officially introduced by this company. Of course, before this, the process of transferring chat between different platforms could be done with different methods, but usually these methods are not free and sometimes your information may be lost when using them.

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Transfer WhatsApp chat history between Android and iOS

WhatsApp has explained this in a Twitter post:

A new way to keep your chats always with you. Today, you can use the ability to transfer chat history from Android to iPhone or vice versa. Now you have the freedom to use the devices of your choice.

Transferring WhatsApp chat history between Android and iOS is officially available

Currently, this feature is only introduced on the WhatsApp website to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone, and accordingly, you need the Move to iOS program to transfer chats. To transfer information, you need to update WhatsApp on both the receiving and sending devices.

Also, you must use the same phone number on both your new and old phones, otherwise you must change your phone number on the current active account before transferring the chats.

On the other hand, WhatsApp plans to facilitate the process of transferring chats from different phones to iOS by developing the Move to iOS application in cooperation with Apple. As written on the support page, you can easily transfer user account information, profile picture, group and personal chats, chat history, video chats and even WhatsApp settings using this program, and the only thing that cannot be transferred is WhatsApp call history with money transfer messages.

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