How to Track Your Lost Phone, tablet or PC Remotely?

Track Your Device Without IMEI Number

If you have lost your phone or tablet device, Dan you can track your lost phone or tablet without any issue remotely. It does not matter if it is Samsung SmartPhone, LG, or any other company, as long as it is using Android then you can track your lost phone or tablet without any hassle. Well if you are using Google Pixel, Samsung, one plus, and any other smartphone, Gmail has the ability to track your last smartphone or tablet. Still, you can use their companies own application to track the lost phone or tablet. Suppose Samsung has the application known as “find my mobile“, you can sign in with your Samsung account and locate the lost phone or tablet. Samsung’s all product has this function inside of them to track and locate the smartwatch, Earbuds, Phone, and Tablet. The same rules are applied to the other companies too.

Step 1. Go to the Security tab of Your Google Account

To track your lost phone using the Gmail account, first, open your Gmail account on a computer or on any other smartphone that you are using. Once you’re there, go to the Security tab and under the devices, you can see the option to find a lost device.

Find a Lost Device using Gmail

Note: If you don’t know how to get the, search then follow the instruction on the below screenshot.

Track Your Lost Phone
Access Your Google Account

Step 2. Track Your Lost Phone on the Google Maps

If your Gmail account is logged in within multiple devices, you will see that the devices are listed there. You have to choose the device which is lost. The moment you choose your device, you will see your device on Google Maps.

  • Play Sound: if your children has taken your phone and hit it somewhere, click on the place and it is going to ring the phone even if it is in the silent mode.
  • Secure Device: if someone has stolen your phone, then you can secure your device directly from your Gmail account.
  • Erase Device: if you are worried that the stolen phones data may be accessed by the thief, then you can erase their data at directly from the Gmail account.

Note: This option only works, when your phone is connected to an Internet connection.

Track your Lost Phone.jpg
Track Your Lost Phone

Track Your Lost PC ( Running Windows, Linux, and ChromeOS)

If your personal computer is lost then you can also use the same functionality to track and locate your lost computer. Since Microsoft is not providing an integrated official application to track a lost computer, you can use other third parties such as prey. It is not an open-source application so you will have to buy and in the meantime, you can use the free plan.

Well inside your computer if your main operating system is Linux or one of its distributions, you have to also use the third-party application known as prey.

The same rules are applied for Chromebooks too, But inside the Chromebook, you can not install Prey, so, you have to use the GoGuardian.

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