Tips that every entrepreneur should be aware of: In general, it can be said that there are various things that entrepreneurs should know in order to be successful, but using time in a useful way is one of the most important tips, also if the production rate of the country in the field of activity If it has a growing trend, it will bring more profit to the entrepreneur, we will introduce you the types of rice below.

Iranian rice

Northern rice is one of the types Iranian rice It is one of the best-selling rice in the market because it has a lot of aroma and its taste is so delicious that you can drink it plain even if you don’t have stew.

As we stated at the beginning of the article, recognizing northern rice is not everyone’s job and requires special expertise, but in this section we will introduce some things to recognize this rice.

There are many different ways to identify whether rice is genuine or fake, therefore, in order to identify genuine Iranian rice and its difference from fake rice, in addition to knowing the characteristics of genuine Iranian rice, a person should also be familiar with the characteristics of fake rice and with the appearance and Be familiar with cooking it.

Tips that every entrepreneur should know

long grain rice

Other tips about types long grain rice And especially their cooking is important, it is fragrant and easy to cook, which means to be soft and actually cook them in a short time until they reach the right height and volume.

As we said, long-grain rices are very popular among buyers and consumers, which is because of their cylindrical and narrow appearance. If we want to check rice in terms of height, they include long-grain, medium-grain, and short-grain types, which is one of the main indicators. In the case of rice, it is easy to cook, which makes the rice grains light, voluminous and separated due to the various starch compounds in it.

Tips that every entrepreneur should know


Perhaps one of the frequently asked questions of buyers is the price of Tarem rice. Rice Iranian, such as Mazandaran Tarem rice, its price is determined based on various criteria. In general, due to the quality and flavor of these rices, it can be said that the price of these rices is higher than other foreign rices.

Of course, the price that is considered for this product is completely fair because this rice has high quality, and if you are looking for quality rice, then you know that the higher the quality of the rice, the higher the price.

It is necessary to say that there are factors that affect the pricing of Tarem rice in Mazandaran. Factors such as the quality of rice, the place of rice cultivation, the size of rice grains, the degree of purity of rice, the time of rice cultivation are such things, and in the rest of this article, we will try to familiarize you with these influential factors in a general and useful way.

Tips that every entrepreneur should know


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