Maybe it is because of the great human desire for immortality that we follow every sign of it. But scientists have now discovered three immortal beings with special characteristics.

Human desire for immortality has always been reflected throughout history and in legends. This desire is followed today in a different form and in a scientific format, and scientists are looking for signs or cases of immortality and trying to reverse the aging process.

Mr. Ticket

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Three immortal beings with amazing features

Although human efforts to discover the elixir of immortality in the past and to reverse the aging process in the modern era seem to have been largely unsuccessful, simple and small creatures have been able to simply reverse the aging process or bypass aging. save time

These creatures are not even fictional and mythical creatures, but real and completely normal. At least according to biological and scientific beliefs and by examining the evidence, they are completely immortal, that is, if they are not hunted, do not suffer from pests, or if there is no important change in their living environment, they can live forever.

For years, scientists have been trying to discover the secret of the youth and immortality of these creatures, so that perhaps in this way they can fulfill one of the oldest human desires. But what are the 3 immortal animals?

Eternal cream

Three immortal creatures with amazing features that amazed scientists

The ability of the immortal worm to regenerate itself was recognized in the late 19th century. But a 2013 study at the University of Nottingham showed that these creatures can be completely immortal. A type of immortal worm that reproduces “asexually” by splitting in half can protect its DNA from aging, researchers say.

The secret of this creature’s immortality is that they have large amounts of enzymes that protect their cells from aging, and this enzyme store is replenished with each reproduction. For this reason, these creatures seem immortal.

Immortal Mermaid

Three immortal creatures with amazing features that amazed scientists

Immortal jellyfish is another immortal creature that lives in open water. The interesting thing about this creature is that it can start its life anew. When this creature is stressed, it metamorphoses into a pre-life neighborhood, like a frog turning into a baby or a butterfly turning back into a caterpillar. This is a type of reverse metamorphosis.

Reversion occurs when a mature cell with a specific specialized function transforms into another type of mature cell, a process for which scientists have not yet discovered the cause.

But that’s not the whole story, when a jellyfish returns to its previous stage of life, it produces more organisms with the same genetic code, so the younger it gets, the more its number increases.


Three immortal creatures with amazing features that amazed scientists

Haidar is an animal with a strange appearance and lives in fresh water, which uses tentacles near its mouth to bite its prey. Like immortal worms, hydra can regenerate its body. The secret of Hidar’s immortality lies in his stem cells, which can regenerate indefinitely.

In fact, the entire body of the hydra is apparently composed of stem cells that have the ability to regenerate. Scientists who have studied hydras for years could not see any signs of aging in them.

In 2018, researchers at UC Davis hypothesized that the hydra’s immortality is thanks to its special ability to control translocated genes. These genes can jump from one part of the genome to another and cause genetic mutations. As you get older, the body’s ability to control these genes decreases. But the appearance of Hydra has been able to suppress them forever.

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