Thor China resumed its activities after a 20-hour stoppage. Spokespersons THORChain network The main reason for the network shutdown was a security bug.

On-chain exchange and proof-of-bond network THORChain has announced that it has resumed operations after a 20-hour outage. A security bug on October 27 led to a 20-hour network shutdown.

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The continuation of THORChain network activity

The THORChain team announced in a tweet on October 28 that the network has been reactivated and is generating new blocks. Users can trade on the China Thor platform. The THORChain network team announced on October 27 that the root cause Thorchin stopThere was a security bug. This bug led to the uncertainty of individual nodes.

After the chain was halted, Thorchin’s team announced: “It was found that the security bug led to thread manipulation. For example, a cosmos.uint code (instead of uint64) was entered into the string. This code causes the string to consider the point big int instead of actual values; As a result, the memo string is recorded in different ways in different nodes.

THORChain network resumed its activity after 20 hours of suspension!

One of the spokespersons THORChain network “The Thor chain has been suspended for security reasons,” he told Cointelegraph. Once you find the thread manipulation source, you will see THORChain activity again. Network users are still able to swap Ethereum and ERC-20.

In addition to the THORChain network, other blockchain networks have also reported definitively. For example, Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko announced in September that the network outage was caused by low-cost transactions.

After reporting outages, the price of RUNE, Native token of THORChain network It went from $1.57 to $1.49. This represents RUNE’s 5.6% drop in the last 24 hours. Ron managed to bounce back to the $1.55 level after a heavy drop.

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