American company Shore as a producer High quality headphones It has unveiled different wired headphones that can be used to AirPods changed.

The American company Shure has unveiled the second generation of its SE846 sound isolating headphones, which can be used in two modes. wired and wireless used. Shore headphones and earbuds – such as AONIC Free and AONIC 50 – have always had very good sound quality, and it has been said that the Shore SE846 earbuds provide users with the same sound quality in a different package. To achieve this high quality, the same driver as the previous product is used in this new product.

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Specifications of the new Shure wired headphones

The first generation of SE846 earbuds They were well-received – analysts pointed to features such as detailed sound reproduction as advantages of this product. In addition, these earbuds separate and reproduce high and low sounds well and powerfully.

For this reason, reuse the same parts in The second generation of Shur AirPods It can be a positive move. However, it has been said that the sound of this new generation has been improved compared to the previous generation and its high frequency range has increased, as a result, the sound clarity has increased, which gives a favorable tone to the sound.

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Another feature that has been transferred to the new generation of Shore AirPods is its transparent body, which allows the user to see the details inside the device. Of course, in this new generation Wired headphones Shure has added two new designs in green and silver for users who prefer a more classic look.

But the most important drawback of this product is that you have to pay $899 for the new Shore headphones, and if you want this product to be able to be turned into wired headphones, this cost will increase to $999.

The SE846 second generation cable is separable, so you can split it into one Wireless adapter Plug in what Shore calls a “truly wireless adapter” designed to turn these wired headphones into completely wireless earbuds.

This earbud has two bases that are placed behind the ear and battery And Wireless equipment It is installed inside. By purchasing this product, you will also have access to support for aptX technology, which improves sound clarity and 8 hours of device charging (which increases to 32 hours when charging the device frame).

Certainly The price of this airpod That’s a lot and for that price you can get four pairs of one of the best wireless earbuds viz Sony WF-1000XM4 buy As a result, such a product is expected to have many features; Considering that the previous model of this earbud had good quality for audio enthusiasts and experts, it is not unlikely that the new model will have these features.

Although it is impossible to judge this product until it is tested, but with the expertise and products we have seen from Shore so far, this new earbud will definitely be welcomed, especially considering that this product can easily be converted into a model. It has wireless.

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