Well-known Apple analyst Mingchi Ko has announced that the launch of Apple’s proprietary 5G modem for iPhones has been postponed. Stay tuned for more.

Citing its sources in Apple’s supply chain, Mingchi Ko tweeted yesterday that the company, which has been planning to build its own modem for some time, has yet to produce a 5G modem, most likely the iPhone 15 series. They will also be deprived of Apple’s proprietary modem. In other words, in 2023, the company will continue to use modems from other companies, including Qualcomm, in iPhones.

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The iPhone 15 series phones will also benefit from a dedicated 5G modem

According to 9to5Mac, Qualcomm executives have previously stated that they expect to lose nearly 80% of their share of Apple products by 2023; Because this company intends to produce its own modem. Now, with the announcement of the delay in the production of Apple’s proprietary modem, it seems that Qualcomm will once again have to supply 5G modems for the iPhone 15 series next year.

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Of course, if we go back a bit, other reports were published in the beginning of 2022 about the production process of Apple modem, which reported that Apple’s plans were going well, exactly as the company expected. Now, according to two different reports published from the beginning of the year to the present day, it can be said that both of these pieces of information are somewhat true.

This means that Apple’s proprietary modem is on the verge of production; But in order to do trial and error, the company plans to test it on Apple iPads first and then use the modem on popular iPhones.

In any case, Apple’s goal is to build a proprietary modem for iPhones that performs better and consumes less power than modems from other companies, including Qualcomm. It can be said that with this measure, Apple’s profit margin will also increase with the sale of iPhones; But paying patent fees to Qualcomm will be the same as before and will not change.

About five years ago, Apple decided to produce its own modem, and in 2019, following the acquisition of Intel modem worth $ 1 billion, the production process has become faster than before.

Apple and Qualcomm have also been at loggerheads over patent ownership for some time; But these disputes did not last long and were resolved on the first day of the trial. Also, given all these differences, Apple still had to work with Qualcomm; Because Intel was not able to produce a 5G modem in the right size for the iPhone 12.

According to the 6-year contract signed in 2019 between the two companies, Apple can extend the cooperation contract for another 2 years. This means that Apple has until 2027 to offer its own modem to iPhones.

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