Following the recent events in the country, a media expert and researcher said: Following the events, 4,000 accounts are created every day; Actually The world’s largest virtual operation it happens.

According to the University of Applied Sciences, following the recent unrest in the country, due to the efforts of the student mobilization and the mobilization of the professors of the University of Applied Sciences, a meeting was held as Enemy media analysiswas done by lecturers, cultural officials and students of this university.

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The world’s largest virtual operation

According to the media expert and researcher, Mohammad Lasani, in general, there is an exponential crisis in the upcoming issues that can be recognized. In the think tank of the Atlantic Council, the think tank of NATO, the issue of how to turn a moment into a movement in Iran was examined.

The world's largest virtual operation

In the continuation of this issue, Lesani said: Twitter social network The biggest operation has been carried out regarding Iran. According to Twitter, all records have been moved with this action. Following this big global operation, celebrities are also unintentionally placed in the path they want. He also stated clearly:

These people themselves know that the recent events are not the movement. In fact, they intended to turn a moment into a movement and launch a robotic revolution. According to the information in the CNN article, playing with Iran is very dangerous and it is likely to turn Iran into a situation similar to the situation in Syria and Yemen.

Also, according to Lasani, regarding this matter, Number of Twitter users It decreases during internet outages. In fact, out of 40,000 people, 8,000 people will decrease. Based on this, it is quite evident how many are active inside Iran and how many are abroad. In fact, a strange media operation takes place and a large number of fake accounts are created within a day.

Following the recent events in approx 4 thousand accounts it was made. According to CNN, these people work as robots and have the ability to send a message in 90 hundredths of a second; Actually The biggest robotics revolution in the world in processing.

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