General Motors Company The cheapest electric SUV in the world introduced to his fans. This car, which will be offered at a low price in the global market, is fully electric.

General Motors, which is known as the third best-selling car manufacturer in the world, is coming to the global car market this year with a new design and technology.

Chevrolet Equinox EV which in the near future will be known as the cheapest electric SUV in the world, will be sold at a price of about 30 thousand dollars.

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The cheapest electric SUV in the world

Electric or electric cars, which have high prices, have their own fans. General Motors Company tried to provide a car that has a cheap and low price.

Electric cars in the world are sold at a price between 47 thousand dollars and 500 thousand dollars. However, these cars do not benefit from fuel consumption, but they have a high price, and as a result, many fans of these popular cars give up buying them.

The cheapest electric SUV in the world
Chevrolet Equinox EV

this Electric SUV The American, which competes with the $28,000 Nissan Leaf 500, retails for $30,000 for the base model without optional features that customers can order.

This $30,000 price does not currently include tax credit; Because General Motors is currently not able to get any tax exemption from electric cars and this electric SUV model. Meanwhile, the Nissan Leaf version is eligible for $7,500.

Other cars are also in the category of the world’s cheapest electric SUV after Chevrolet, such as the Bolt EV electric car and the SUV-ish Bolt EUV. These mentioned cars are in the price range of less than 30 thousand dollars.

Chevrolet Equinox EV

Chevrolet Equinox EV, which is in the category of electric SUVs, can travel a distance with each full charge. About 250 miles which has a high power among the electric cars produced in the world.

The cheapest electric SUV in the world
The cheapest electric SUV in the world

this car Long UndercarriageIt has 210 horsepower and one of its unique features is driving with one pedal, which has global standards.

Chevrolet, which has an attractive design, is known as a normal crossover. This electric SUV also benefits from an electronic driver assistance that will raise the head-up display and surround view system.

General Motors plans to produce and supply another version of this car, which, in addition to using an electric engine, can also use a gas fuel system.

Cars that this year General Motors The design and production of Kurds have almost the same appearance in terms of external structure, and only the package structure of their batteries and their fueling system have been different.

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