Since early this morning, the University of Tehran news Virtualization of Tehran University classes He has given a seal for the first two weeks and informed the students about this issue.

Unexpectedly, this morning, after attending classes, some students of Tehran University realized that the classes will be absent for the next three weeks. This is despite the fact that there was no announcement about this before Absentee classes It was not published.

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Virtualization of Tehran University classes

Currently and according to the available reports, only the practical units of the engineering and medical groups will be held in person. It should be mentioned that some students from other universities have also informed about absenteeism in their classes.

University of Tehran has announced to its students that face-to-face classes It starts from the third week of October and at least the first two weeks of classes are completely virtual.

The virtualization of Tehran University classes for the first two weeks of Mehr

All this while the peak of Corona has subsided in the country and the number of infected people has decreased significantly. Basically, the subsidence of Corona is an excuse for reopening educational centers, but why are classes now suddenly virtual?

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