The unveiling of Turkey’s first national car It was done with the presence of the president of this country. Recep Tayyip Erdogan He personally rode this car for the first time.

The unveiling of Turkey’s first national car That’s a car Electric crossover It was done by the president of this country. Apparently Recep Tayyip Erdogan plans to plan the electric and national car of Turkey that “TOGG“It is called to produce and supply with political goals.

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The unveiling of Turkey’s first national car

Turkish automotive industry They have many historical similarities with Iran’s automobile industry, but the Turkish government has adopted different policies for this industry and has achieved many successes. Recently, the first national car of Turkey in the history of this country has been produced and ready to be unveiled.

Of course critics Turkish automobile industry They are based on the opinion that Recep Tayyip Erdogan as President This country plans to produce and sell TOGG national electric car with political goals. In fact, he plans to extend his presidency one more time by creating surprises in the automobile industry.

In recent years, many economic and political achievements have been achieved for Turkey and the process of becoming independent has been growing. Now it’s time to The automotive industry has arrived and on this basis, The unveiling of Turkey’s first national car Done. The TOGG electric crossover was developed by the Turkish Automobile Joint Venture Company and is currently undergoing its mass production process.

The unveiling of Turkey's first national car

Technical specifications of TOGG national car

We said that TOGG national car A crossover or Electric SUV It has an all-electric engine under its hood. The basic models of this product have an electric motor in the rear axle and are capable of generating power 200 horsepower are. More expensive models have two engines added to the front axle, giving customers the option of four-wheel drive. The two-engine version can finally 400 horsepower to produce

The basic model needs only 7.6 seconds to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h, and the higher model with two engines will need only 4.8 seconds. The manufacturer of this car has offered two types of batteries for customers, the smaller model can cover a distance of approx 300 km and the larger battery can be charged up to 483 km to walk Fast charging will charge 80% of the battery within half an hour.

The unveiling of Turkey's first national car

We said earlier that The unveiling of Turkey’s first national car It may have been done by Erdogan for political purposes. TOGG Automotive started its serious activity on October 29 this year and this action is on the eve of the 99th The anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Turkey Is. It was about four years ago that this company was founded to produce cars independently.

Car experts in Turkey believe that the construction and design of a car like TOGG An important and valuable step for Turkish automotive industry will be. According to what he said, in the next one year, TOGG Automobile Company plans to release 17,000 to 18,000 electric crossovers on the market. Of course, it has been announced that the production capacity of the production line of this factory 175 thousand vehicles per year but the producers plan to achieve this goal in the next half decade.

The unveiling of Turkey's first national car

Also, according to the plans of this company, the national car of Turkey is going to be launched in the domestic market from March 2023, just a few months before the presidential elections of this country. Next year, it will be clear whether Erdogan will remain in office or not!

It seems like a hit or miss TOGG car It determines the fate of the elections. A lot of investment and advertising has been done on this car and Erdogan hopes to succeed with this tactic. In the advertisement of this product, from TOGG all-electric crossover It is called “the nation’s car”. Turkish people hope that this electrical product will have a cheap and economical price.

According to some critics The unveiling of Turkey’s first national car by Erdoğan and the production and supply of this car is only for his luck Presidential Election Increase. Özpinirçi, a Turkish car expert, says that such investments are always supported by the government, but if there are political tensions, it will damage the project before a car is built.

The unveiling of Turkey's first national car

Is this car economical?

The people of Turkey, like us, are looking for a supply Affordable and optional car are, but is TOGG an economical and cheap electric crossover for this country’s market? According to TOGG Turkey, this electric SUV is priced at 900,000 liras, which is about 50 thousand euros will be.

Such pricing is certainly for a wide range of Turkish people Acceptable and economical will not be. According to Ozipinirchi, ordinary people of this country are only able to invest 500 thousand lira and not more! In addition to the relatively high price of this car, we can point out the lack of necessary infrastructure for electric cars in Turkey, which can be a problem.

According to the CEO of the company Automotive Data Turkey’s infrastructure is not yet ready for the switch to electric cars, and ordinary people should not worry about whether there are enough charging devices on the road Ankara to Istanbul Is there or not? Some components of the TOGG car are imported like the battery, but its design and assembly was done inside this country.

Having said that, about 51% of this electric car is made in Turkey and the rest is imported from other countries. According to Mustafa Warnek, Minister of Industry of Turkey, the amount of domestication of this car will reach 65% from next year. It is also said that this car is designed and produced for domestic customers and not for customers from other countries.

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