The popular Saipa car was equipped with a unique feature. Unveiling of Sahin connected to the Internet At the technological event of the future cars, the audience was delighted.

Unveiling of Sahin connected to the Internet Yesterday was held at the future technological event. This car is designed in cooperation with Irancell. Saipa, in addition to unveiling this unique car, Arya also exposed. Aria car will enter the market next year.

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The unveiling of a falcon connected to the Internet

Saipa company in cooperation with Irancell From the Shahin car with capabilities Internet connection (Connected Car) unveiled. In normal mode, this car is always connected to the Internet. This car can communicate with devices inside and outside the car using the Internet. Among the features of this car, the following can be mentioned:

Locating and sending location information, having bug service to communicate with service and aid centers in case of emergency, as well as the possibility of sending the car diagnostic report to the information monitoring service and announcing the result to the user through the driver’s mobile phone.

Discuss the unveiling of Sahin connected to the Internet It was raised for the first time on October 20 in a public meeting. Saipa promised to unveil this car on October 25 and 26. Saipa has fulfilled its promise and this unique car was unveiled on October 25.

The unveiling of a falcon connected to the Internet

The technological event of future cars at Saipa Research and Innovation Center with the aim of introducing the recent achievements of knowledge-based companies and showing their capabilities and potential in improving and promoting the country’s automotive industry, as well as technological progress and the scientific, specialized and technical power of elites and experts in the field, showing the achievements Various companies in the field of electric and hybrid car production, introduction of connected cars and related infrastructure and equipment and their testing have been held.

In this event, Saipa, in addition to unveiling the Internet-connected Falcon, Aria car which will be released to the market next year. According to Saipa, this car will be produced and entered the market in two different gasoline and electric versions based on the SP platform.

Saipa has also said that in its future cars, it will use technologies and options such as connected car, collision prevention system, blind spot warning system, etc.

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