Jack Dorsey will launch his social network using the AT protocol. Blue Sky responsible for the test launch Jack Dorsey Decentralized Social Network Is.

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Block, announced the launch of the AT protocol as a federated network. The main purpose of the AT protocol will be to power the next generation of social media applications.

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Jack Dorsey Decentralized Social Network Launch

AT Abbreviation of phrase Authenticated Transfer Protocol Is. This protocol allows users to easily communicate with blockchain URLs similar to email addresses. Users with their own domain name in AT social protocol will be identified. AT protocol will use short domain names like @alice instead of long URL strings.

The unveiling of Jack Dorsey's decentralized social network

Blue Sky asked developers to The waiting list for the trial release of the social network Join Decentralized Jack Dorsey. Users in social networks created by AT protocol They will be able to transfer their chain identity effortlessly and securely. Users’ personal data is not lost during transfer.

AT protocol has Open Algorithm Is. This algorithm allows users to easily take control of their social feed. AT protocol will be optimized for high scalability in managing social programs. Jack Dorsey’s decentralized social network will be launched on a trial basis by BlueSky.

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