According to the announcement of the adviser to the head of the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization, The time of equity dividend payment This share depends on the investing companies and may be paid in two stages at the end of autumn and winter.

Peyman Haddadi, adviser to the head of the Securities and Exchange Organization Reopening the symbol of provincial investment companies On Saturday, Haddadi, referring to the reopening of these symbols, stated: “In this context, first of all, the time of holding the meetings of the provincial equity investment companies should be determined, and with the determination of the date of holding the meetings by the Supreme Council of the Stock Exchange, the Stock Exchange Organization will prepare for these meetings.” has”.

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The time of equity dividend payment

Haddadi agreement stating that it is predicted Equity dividends have doubled And when it reaches 60, he said: “Shareholders of one million tomans equity shares will receive about 2 million tomans and shareholders of 532 thousand tomans will receive about one million and one hundred thousand tomans equity dividends.”

Also some about The time of equity dividend payment He also stated: “If equity investment companies do the necessary cooperation, it is possible to plan in such a way that the deposit of equity shares will be paid in 2 stages, for example, at the end of the fall of 1401 and at the end of the winter of 1401.”

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