The time of gasoline quota deposit is Azar 1401 It was found. But 60 liters of quota gasoline When are people charged on fuel cards?

Based on the experiences of the previous months, Gasoline quota deposit time, Azar 1401 It is 12 am (1st of every month). Accordingly, at 12 o’clock on Tuesday, December 1, 1401, 60 liters of gasoline will be charged to people’s fuel cards. This amount of gasoline quota is a quota only for the owners of ordinary passenger cars.

Cars Public transport fleet They have several times more monthly quota. Also, for motorcyclists, a monthly quota of 30 liters of gasoline is considered.

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The time of gasoline quota deposit is Azar 1401

In the ninth month of 1401, the amount of 60 liters Monthly gasoline quota To Fuel smart cards personal will be deposited, also the fuel quota of public and service vehicles will be deposited according to the quota table of the fuel consumption management plan.

The time of gasoline quota deposit is Azar 1401

Current gasoline rationing plan From zero o’clock on Friday, November 24, 2018 according to Decision of the Supreme Council of Economic Coordination Heads of the Three Powers started for all gasoline vehicles.

Gasoline quota reserve ceiling for smart fuel cards Private car owners And motorcycles were first looking for expansion for six months Corona virus in the country and the special conditions announced to deal with its expansion, National Oil Products Distribution Company In an announcement, he changed this ceiling to 9 months, so the monthly deposit quota for personal cars and motorcycles can be stored in smart fuel cards for a maximum of 9 months if not used.

Managers of the National Company for Refining and Distribution of Petroleum Products earlier than forecast for an increase Gasoline consumption During the days of Nowruz, the daily average of 105 million liters was reported, which reached 107 million liters due to the increase in the volume of traffic within and outside the city due to the reduction of Corona in the country; The country’s gasoline consumption also reached 131 million liters on March 28, 1400, setting a new record.

The country’s gasoline consumption during Nowruz this year increased by 30% compared to last year, and one of the most important reasons for the stunning increase in consumption is the increase in the volume of trips after two years since the outbreak began. Corona pandemic virus and control the spread of this disease in the country.

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