According to the news and according to the assistant head of the stock exchange organization, new decisions have been made to determine the time for the payment of equity dividends, which will be officially announced soon.

Recently, the discussion about the time of the equity dividend payment has increased in the media, and the exact time is not known yet. Of course, the profit of these shares will be different in two direct and indirect sectors that people determined with their consent. According to Peyman Haddadi; Assistant Chairman of the Stock Exchange Organization, the decisions made in this council will benefit the people.

Peyman Haddadi, referring to the recent decisions of the Supreme Council of the Stock Exchange, explained:

The Supreme Council of the Stock Exchange took three new decisions regarding equity shares in a meeting held yesterday. These three decisions are as follows and in them, justice and law have been observed for the benefit of the people.

What are the latest decisions regarding the timing of equity dividend payments?

During the first decision of the Supreme Council, this permission was provided for the privatization organization, which can take the necessary measures in relation to the capital increase if requested by non-stock companies investing in equity shares. Also, the privatization organization in cooperation with the depository company, at the end of September of this year, must pay the dividend of equity shares from the profit of non-stock companies and report the details in detail. The Haddadi agreement regarding the amount and time of the payment of equity dividends announced:

First of all, part of this money should be used to increase the capital of companies, and then the rest of this profit will be deposited into the personal account of people. As a result, it cannot be determined with certainty.

Haddadi continued his speech regarding equity affairs as follows:

Another new decision we made in the Supreme Council was that the Privatization Organization, in cooperation with the Stock Exchange Organization, should closely follow the process of accepting non-listed investment companies in stock and over-the-counter companies so that the process of accepting and inserting the company’s symbol can be done as soon as possible.

Earlier, last week, decisions were made in the meeting of the Supreme Council of the Stock Exchange, which was held on Tuesday, July 7, with the presence of the Minister of Economy, the Minister of Mining Industry and Trade, the Governor General of the Central Bank and the Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Organization and other council members. A specific time for the payment of equity dividends has not yet been announced.

Urmia Petrochemical Companies, Bandar Imam Petrochemical (RA), Bo Ali Sina Petrochemical, Bistun Petrochemical, Tabriz Petrochemical, Khuzestan Petrochemical, Iran Tobacco, Sabir Dam Construction and Irrigation Facilities, Alborz Industrial City, Rasht Industrial City, Kaveh Industrial City, Meshanir and Mega Motor , the non-stock companies are equity shares, and the petrochemical companies of Urmia, Tabriz, Khuzestan, Bandar Imam, Biston, and Buali Sina have the largest share in the non-stock portfolio of equity shares, and they include from 6 to 30 percent of the ownership of these companies.

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