in search for Cafe Bazaar’s tacit endorsement of Rubica’s espionage , the latest version of Rubik’s was removed from Cafe Bazaar. Following this action, all attention is drawn to Rubica’s reaction.

Considering that in the past days talking about the controversial program Rubik’s It was due to various reasons, and once again, due to the lack of security of this program and spying on users, it came to the fore. So that the Iranian bazaar program somehow confirmed that the Rubika program is indirectly spying on the information of its users.

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Cafe Bazaar’s tacit endorsement of Rubica’s espionage

Topic Rubik’s Spy It started when Google Play protect system It warned the people who wanted to install Rubika that this program was trying to spy on their personal information, pictures and sms.

Cafe Bazaar's tacit endorsement of Rubica's espionage

Following this discussion, Rubika announced strange statistics of its users and their activities and said that it is trying to communicate with Google Play, but did not deny the claim of spying. In fact, Rubica accused herself Google’s political motivation considered and neither rejected nor accepted this issue. It is interesting to note that this time another market also confirmed the problem of the Rubika program.

User on Twitter Bazar cafe security shield criticized and said that this program needs to explain the way of evaluating the programs and put forward why the Rubika program did not have any problems and the result of the Rubika program review is against Google Play Is. Bazar cafe support unit He reacted to this tweet and gave his answer as follows:

market security shield, with Automatic check by several antiviruses» And Static analysis of the program file» And Initial review of implementation by human resources and active follow-up of user reports» Checks program versions. With the initial review of the security shield, the last version of the Rubik’s program was released on September 19. This version received polyprotect warning on November 6. After Polyprotect’s warning, we released the last version of Rubica and released the previous version without Google Playprotect’s error.. We continue to investigate and hear reports of various versions of the apps

Bazar in his explanation about the Rubika program, Spying has not explicitly announced this programBut it seems that following the warning from Google Play protect, it has removed the problematic version of Rubica from its application.

The question that arises is, in the case of the recent Cafe Bazaar discussions, about Rubik’s, does the program provide a clear explanation or is it indifferently passing by?

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